Topside blotter November 25 2000

A 21-YEAR-OLD Atlanta man and his 20-year-old girlfriend rented a room at a hotel on Roswell Road. The couple was walking to their room when they were approached by two men with handguns. The men told the couple to lay on the ground. The robbers took the man's North Carolina driver's license and $900 from his wallet. They also took $200 from the woman. Then the men tried to take the man's leather cowboy boots off his feet, but they were unable to so they fled.
A drunken Atlanta man walked into a sports bar on Roswell Road looking for his girlfriend and found her talking to a man with whom she used to work. The former co-worker drove the woman and her boyfriend home. ?
The couple already had gotten out of the car when the drunken boyfriend started a verbal confrontation with the former co-worker, accusing him of trying to pick up his girlfriend. ?
The man in the car drove straight toward the boyfriend and ran over his legs. Then he put the car in reverse and backed up over him. The police were called and the man was taken to North Fulton Hospital.
A 39-year-old Cumming man was attempting to change lanes on Ga. 400 when he had to swerve out of the way for a speeding car, which was passing him. Words and hand gestures were exchanged between the motorists and both pulled over near the Abernathy exit. ?
The Cumming man got out of his car and approached the other car when the speeding driver pointed a pistol at the man. The first man backed away and told another motorist who had pulled over to call the police.?
The police arrived and the gunman, a 28-year-old Chamblee man, was arrested for pointing a gun. The officer also saw that the gun's serial number had been removed and the man was charged with criminal use of a firearm with an altered identification.
Three men were painting the exterior of a house when a bare-chested 18-year-old Alpharetta man holding a jagged stick in one hand and smaller sticks in the other approached them. ?
The man said he was the neighbor and that the painters weren't supposed to be there. They tried to explain that they were hired to paint the house, but the erratic man wouldn't listen and he began to kick and shake a 32-foot ladder on which one of the painters was standing. ?
The two other painters approached the man, but the 18-year-old stomped at them and was "threatening to beat some ass." ?
The painters said they were going to call the police and the man left. When the police arrived, the man returned and he was arrested for simple assault.
Police were called to a Lawrenceville apartment complex regarding criminal trespass. When the officer met with the victim and witness, a man and woman told the officer that the suspect, who does not live in the complex, and some neighborhood children had been sitting on their vehicles. ?
The couple said they asked the kids to get off the vehicles and to stay off them. They also reported the children and the suspect got smart-mouthed with them. ?
The woman said the suspect threw a small board toward her car, hitting it on the left side. No damage could be found on the vehicle. ?
The suspect said he did not throw the board and that the man told him if he did not stay away from his vehicles that he would kick his ass. The suspect was told to stay away from the cars. ?
The victim wanted a report to show apartment management in an attempt to have them give the suspect a criminal trespass warning. The victim was advised not to take matters into his own hands, but to contact the police if he had a problem.
A man returned to his home on Abbotts Station Drive after being out of town and discovered his front door open. The man walked in and saw that someone had been in his home.?
He found that all of the stuffed animals in the house had been placed in the bathroom. His wife's belongings had been rummaged through and the trunk of his BMW, which was parked in the garage, was open. ?
The man reported to police that the only thing that appeared to be missing was a bottle of Peruvian rum.
Debra Warlick contributed to this report.

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