Topside blotter March 14 2001

A man described as "rough-looking" walked up to the cashier of a strip club on Roswell Road and handed her two notes written on napkins and walked away.
The first napkin read: Important: I am V.I.P. Hire me as a dancer or you will regret it in a torture chamber dungeon, for I am ultimately above the law.
The second napkin continued in a similar vain: ... so above the law that I make Marlon Brando look like he's doing hard time.
The cashier then noticed a suspicious-looking package. The police were called and the entire strip club was evacuated. The police spotted the man about two blocks away. He was yelling in another language. He told the police that someone was going to be raped or sodomized.
The police took the man to Grady Hospital for observation. On the way to Grady, the man told police that he was Bruce Lee's son and he would have the Ninja Turtles cause mass murder in the strip club.
The suspicious package turned out to be two empty beer bottles in a plastic bag.
A man and a woman walked up to a bank on Roswell Road. Both were apparently speaking to each other on cell phones. The man stayed outside of the bank as a lookout while the woman walked in and handed the teller a note. The note said to give them $10,000 or they would shoot the teller, adding that they had nothing to lose.
The teller gave the woman two envelopes of money and the couple fled. The teller told police that the note referred to her as a "fuckin' bitch."
The bouncer of a strip club on Roswell Road was checking I.D.'s when a 29-year-old Marietta man began to argue with him. Then the Marietta man suddenly pulled a knife and slashed the bouncer three times on the arm. Two other bouncers jumped on the man and took the knife from him.
When the police arrived, the man claimed he didn't know where the knife came from.
He was arrested for aggravated assault.
A 41-year-old Atlanta man was eating soup in a parking lot on Northwood Drive when two men walked up and asked what he was looking at. Then they beat him up.
He tried to run away, but they chased him down and hit him in the face with a 40-ounce beer bottle they were carrying. The police arrived and the two assailants fled.
One was caught and was charged with battery and obstruction. The other got away.

A 42-year-old Alpharetta man had recently been released by a mental institution when he told his wife that if she went to see his doctor he'd kill him.
When the woman returned home he refused to let her in, so she called the police. When the police arrived, the man was locked in a room with blaring music.
The woman entered the room and he slammed the door behind her. He told his wife, "If ya'll don't uncage me, I'm gonna kill all of you."
The police took the man to Grady Hospital for observation.
A 29-year-old Marietta man was playing basketball with nine other men at Hammond Park on Glenridge Drive when a fight broke out between the two teams.
A gunshot went off and everybody ran for their cars. The man realized he had been shot and drove himself to Kennestone Hospital.
The police reported that the bullet entered in his left abdomen and exited his right thigh. The bullet left a large exit wound and police believe he was shot with a large caliber handgun.
The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.

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