Topside blotter March 21 2001

A 29-year-old Atlanta woman was jogging around the track at North Springs High School when a naked, heavy-set man wearing a mask jumped out of the woods. He yelled, "You better run, [racial slur]! I'm getting ready to fuck you up!" The woman ran away and called the police.

A 38-year-old Alpharetta man met his estranged wife at her house on Sun Valley Drive to discuss getting back together. But when the 32-year-old Alpharetta woman refused to give him an answer, he became enraged and began to destroy things.

He left the scene, but returned 10 minutes later. She tried to stop him, but he pushed her aside and forced his way through the front door, breaking the glass.

He told his wife, "If you will not have me back I will kill everyone, then I will kill myself!"

The police arrived and he was arrested for simple battery and making terroristic threats.

A 38-year-old Alpharetta man and a friend were shooting pool with five other men at a bar on Nesbitt Ferry Road when an argument erupted over the outcome of the game.

When the Alpharetta man turned to walk away, one of the men whacked him on the side of the head with a pool stick. The man was taken to North Fulton Hospital.

He told police that his assailant goes by the alias "Chance."

The police were called to a house on Hilderbrand Drive to investigate a possible suicide.

An officer arrived at the scene and saw that the front door was open. The officer identified himself and a man told him to come in.

Once inside, the officer saw a very upset 32-year-old Atlanta man. He explained that his wife had just left him. The officer asked if he was going to kill himself. The man said no, but that he did have a pistol in the bedroom and the officer could get it.

When the officer walked into the bedroom, he found drugs as well as the gun and the man was arrested for felony possession of crack cocaine and felony possession of marijuana.

A 29-year-old Atlanta woman wanted to rent a car so she could pick up her kids from daycare. This sparked an argument from her 31-year-old boyfriend, so he pushed her down and kicked her in the head.

Then he took her wallet so she couldn't rent a car.

A police officer pulled over a vehicle for having dealer tags. The driver, a 25-year-old Norcross man, was arrested for having no insurance and no tag and the car was impounded.

Then the officer found several bags of marijuana along with a notepad which contained the man's business plan: "I have 5 ounces to sell. I will get a 25 percent cut out of the profit." The man also had a piece of paper in his sock containing people's names and how many ounces they've sold.

The man was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

A 26-year-old Atlanta woman called police when she saw that someone had broken into her apartment on Summit Place.

When the police entered the apartment they were met by a foul odor. Then they saw that someone had defecated on the pillows and sheets in the woman's bedroom, as well as on her couch.

A crack pipe was also discovered in the apartment, but nothing appeared to be missing.

The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.??

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