Topside blotter April 04 2001

A drunken 32-year-old Lawrenceville man was sitting at a bar on Spalding Drive when he began a verbal confrontation with the bartender.

The drunken man suddenly pulled out two tazers and told the bartender, "I'll fuck you up!"

The police were called and the man walked out of the bar. The police arrived and the man tried to run into the woods but was caught and arrested for simple assault as well as for violating a Gwinnett County probation.

A 36-year-old Atlanta man answered a knock at the door of his apartment on Northwood Drive and saw a homeless man who asked if he could stay with him.

The man agreed and the homeless man and his wife and kids all moved in with the man.

Then the man went out of town, leaving the recently homeless family in his apartment. When the man returned he was with six friends. They had just entered the apartment when suddenly a gunman entered and told everybody to pull their shirts over their heads. The gunman told everybody to remove their shoelaces, which they did, and the gunman proceeded to tie them up.

Then the robber took everybody's wallets. He also turned on the stove and threatened to burn his hostages.

Before the man left he said that, "someone they knew," told him that they would have a large amount of money.

The Atlanta man believes the robber was the homeless man.

A 21-year-old man was giving a 20-year-old Lithonia woman a ride when he decided that he wanted to have sex with her.

He pulled over on the side of I-285 and demanded sex from the woman. He tried to lift her skirt and grab her breasts. She told him to leave her alone and to take her to the next exit.

He drove to the next exit and pulled into a gas station where the woman hopped out of the car and walked into the store. When she returned the man had left her, taking her jacket and cell phone.

A police officer received a report of an armed robbery just before seeing a vehicle leaving the area at a high rate of speed.

He pulled the vehicle over and a woman jumped out of the back seat. He told the woman to get back in the car.

She argued with the officer but eventually complied. The woman asked why they were pulled over and the officer told them they fit the description of a vehicle reported in an armed robbery.

Then the officer noticed the woman's hand reaching into a paper bag. He told the woman to remove her hand and she reused. The officer pulled his weapon and the woman complied.

The woman was then placed under arrest for obstruction. The 45-year-old Clarkston woman told the officer that he was a racist and had family problems.

A 22-year-old Atlanta woman heard a loud knock on the door of her apartment on Allen Road, then saw three armed men kick the door in.

The gunmen entered the apartment and told everyone to get on the ground. They tied up their victims with Flex-Cuffs and held guns up to their heads and demanded money.

The gunmen ransacked the apartment and fled with $2,025 in cash and $2,000 worth of jewelry.

An officer responded to a fight at a Domino's Pizza on Ponce de Leon Avenue.

The general manager, a 21-year-old man, said he'd gotten into a verbal spat with one of his employees, a 31-year-old man who was described as having strong body odor.

The general manager stated that the 31-year-old "called him several motherfuckers during the argument and that he threw a pizza against the wall."

The 31-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a criminal trespass warning.

With contribution from Lauren Keating. The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.??

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