Letters to the Editor - Flowing up September 16 2004

I enjoyed your article, “Are you better off today?” (Fishwrapper, Sept. 2). Despite ignoring all of GW’s other blunders, I had hoped that the public would see the increasing rate of wealth disparity under the Bush administration. Nothing trickles down anymore. It is flowing up faster than ever.

-- Patrick Cotter, Clearwater, Fla.

I just wanted to let you know that I love your columns and I wish every American could read them. If Bush gets re-elected, I will be sorely tempted to move to Canada, but my boyfriend would never go (Fishwrapper, “Are you better off today?” Sept. 2). Hmmmm ...

-- Donna Valko, Mesa, Ariz.

br>?‘Are you better off today?’
(In response to Fishwrapper, Sept. 2.) To answer your question: NO. I’ve gone from in-between jobs, to taking a break, to freelance journalist, to self-employed to, well ... self-unemployed.

John Sugg, you are a howling man in a world filled with deaf (and in this case, dumb) people. And among other things, you are (pardon my French) pissing against the wind.

Who cares about the poor? They do not vote. Thirty-eight million of them. Forty-five million uninsured. Over 10 million children go to bed hungry every night. Those are just abstract numbers to the majority of Americans who are just too darn busy polishing off their SUVs and guzzling down their lattes.

Not one single politician addresses those issues. What happened to the opposition and where is it today? Liberals (now euphemistically called “progressives”) have gone the way of the Yugo. They have been and continue to be mauled by the right, which sees itself as the self-righteous and self-appointed barons of this country.

And if everything goes their way this November, we will get another four more years in their burning hell. Let us all bow our collective heads and pray to God to save us from this calamity. Amen.

-- Monique Dadon Williams, Alpharetta

Last week’s cover story omitted two credits. Staff writer Alyssa Abkowitz interviewed the four Atlantans who explained why they didn’t plan to vote this year. Bartram Nason photographed them.