Letters to the Editor - August 16 2006

Cover story, ‘Alone in autism’

Online responses to the “Alone in autism” cover story by Alyssa Abkowitz, published Aug. 10, 2006.

THANK YOU: I just wanted to thank you for this particular article. I was a teacher aide in an ECE class before moving to Atlanta and most of the class was autistic. I had never been around anyone with Autism before then and I have learned so much about it since. Hopefully this article will enlighten those who are not aware of it and perhaps give guidance to those who do not know where else to turn. Thanks again.
?— Jennifer

MY BROTHER: The boy in this story, Blake, is just like my brother. My parents are still caring for him. My husband and I are actually not planning on having children due to the fear of having an autistic child. After seeing what my parents had to go through, we simply don’t think we are strong enough to handle it. Thank you for helping realize we aren’t alone.
?— Jordan

AWESOME ARTICLE: Alyssa has wonderfully unveiled the stuggles that Blake, Mary Grace, and their families experience. I commend her for for taking time to explain the intricacies of mental disabilities.
?— Kendra

ALYSSA IS AWESOME: I know this is not the first article Alyssa has done on autism and other developmental disabilities. As the mom of a child with autism, I just want to say, WELL DONE! Thank you for not being afraid to tackle the tough topices and even mention the highly controversial aspects like causes. No matter what the cause was, the bottom line is that my son has autism and, with more people like Alyssa doing stories like this maybe, just maybe, society may become more accepting and less judgmental!
?-- Debra

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