Letters to the Editor - August 23 2006

Comedy feature in Arts, 'Stand-up and deliver'

Online responses to "Stand-up and deliver" by Noah Gardenswartz, published Aug. 17, 2006.

MANAGEMENT: I want my 10%.
?-- Gorgonzola

NEVER QUIT: This article really explains how rough it is and in this business the more fearless you are, the more successful you will be. By the way, I appreciate the shout out. The only thing better than making an audience laugh is when you can be of inspiration to another comedian.
?-- Tanner Inman

WE'RE PROUD: hey bro, you are the best! watch those comments about my "manhood"
?-- sparky & peanut

STAND-UP AND DELIVER: WOW! this article is so well written. It is honest and it speaks to real-life motivation, pain, and redemption. It is real and connects to the pain and challenges people have in finding their voice, their life and their career. Keep the words flowing and the emotions honest. Loved the article.
?-- Beth

STAND UP AND DELIVER: You've got me thinking about comedy and comedians in a new way; you've written a lovely, articulate piece.
?-- judith Benjamin

STAND UP AND DELIVER: Noah is a superb writer with very interesting insights. Besides he is anice Jewish boy. He needs to gedt married and have 6 kids.
?-- Rob Schwartz

GO ON BOY: Great article Noah! OMG you're so funny! I wish you tremendous success — and advice: the next time you play to an all-black audience and it doesn't go too well, just shout "Hey, isn't that Beyonce wearing a thong over there?" It'll distract 'em long enough for you to make a run for the door. (LOL)
?-- Yvette

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