Letters to the Editor - Not true January 22 2004

John Sugg: I enjoy your articles in the paper and most of the time I agree with you. But you’re wrong about Bill Clinton (Fishwrapper, “I hate to break this news ...,” Jan. 15). He was an excellent president. He was not and is not without values and he’s not craven and venal. No one is perfect and he certainly had his imperfections, but we all do. He is a good man who did a very good job of leading this country. Was his every decision the correct one? Probably not. Was his heart in the right place regarding doing what he thought best for the country? Absolutely.

-- Eric Pearson, Atlanta

In your timely and well-written editorial on GWB you state, “He’s also craven, venal and totally lacks values” (Fishwrapper, “I hate to break this news ...,” Jan. 15). Bush has values, and he is relatively faithful to his belief system. Specifically, he thinks he was ordained by the gods to force a fundamentalist culture (now there’s an oxymoron) on the American people. Part of that belief system holds that the gods make believers rich and powerful.

As a consequence, since it has been ordained by Zeus (and is written on the scroll of fate) that it is their destiny to rule (and get rich), they will brook no opposition to the will of Zeus. Somewhere, I feel certain GWB has written, “Sum Pius George.”

-- Stan Risdon, Atlanta

Are you convinced that this is a startling documentary, as you write (Flicks, “Power of the media,” Jan. 15), or would you be willing to receive information that will expose this film as vulgar propaganda under the auspices of the Venezuelan government?

As a Venezuelan, I am appalled that people, like you, in the free world are bamboozled by a coup leader, albeit democratically elected, who under the facade of democracy has divided the country along sectarian lines never before experienced by our people.

[Hugo Chávez] propaganda machinery is well-oiled by the money produced by petroleum that should be employed on the people he leads, not in international media campaigns to mislead the outside world of his real face.

-- Tomas Lefkovits, Atlanta

br>?Who’s been reading it to ya?
Regarding William Bradbury (Going Postal, “Falling on deaf ears,” Jan. 15), it would seem that if he and his friends don’t read the Loaf, someone he doesn’t know read Fishwrapper to him. Unfortunately, William can’t grasp the issues presented in John Sugg’s article and must return to Neal Boortz’s comical entertainment. (It does strike me as interesting that Creative Loafing gets so much attention, on both sides of the debate, and William seems to have missed that revelation.)

Write on!

-- Peter S. Morgan Jr., Roswell

br>?New fragrance
John Sugg: Thanks for the wonderful piece on that shameless demagogue who sounds like a pit bull but in reality is a chicken hawk (Fishwrapper, “Boortz is a Commie running dog,” Jan. 8). I found his loyal listeners’ response to your column quite interesting; none more so than one from Dave Sims, who claims that a mere fart from [Neal] Boortz’s posterior is of greater value than all the words you’ll ever utter.

That got me thinking. I see potential for an immensely profitable idea in the form of a new line of “fragrance” called Fartz By Boortz (rhymes with Glow by J. Lo). If Boortz would be willing, one of his loyal listeners could hook up a pump to his rear end and bottle his farts under pressure. I suspect Boortz is second only to bovines when it comes to farting and can therefore provide an ample supply of flatulent fragrance. What could be a better birthday gift for a ditto-head than a bottle of Fartz By Boortz? For the rest of us who like to use our own brains to think, it would mean somewhat cleaner air to breathe!

-- V.H. Rangaswamy, Decatur

br>?Righted the wrong
Hey, we all make mistakes.

I, too, was upset (albeit amused) at John Robinson’s letter (Going Postal, “A true happy hour,” Jan. 1) referring to the bars in Atlanta closing earlier. And when Jon Avery responded, it seemed as though he’d read my mind. After all, we educated people know that there are plenty of ignoramuses out there.

That is what I like most about CL — you’re not afraid to print letters of criticism. In fact, you are providing a service doing so; it exposes the idiots in all their glory, for all to see and laugh at (or pity).

But you really should be more careful. I trust you’ve learned a lesson. This incident reminds me somewhat of a time long ago when John Lennon and the Beatles were ostracized for a comment Lennon made that was taken out of context by the press.

“We’re more popular than Jesus!” the papers proclaimed him as bragging. They, of course, neglected to include the preceding statement that mentioned John’s opinion that the youth of the day did not have their priorities in order. And he was, and is still to this day, right! But that’s another letter. ...

My message here is: As journalists, you know the power you have in your grubby little fingers. Use it, don’t abuse it.

But as I said in my opening sentence, we all make mistakes. And you have righted the wrong, so all is well.

-- Raymond Reines, Marietta

br>?Close the borders
Amnesty for illegal immigrants — why not! And while old GWB is rewarding foreign criminals, why not just forgive everyone who has ever committed a crime and open the prison gates? In fact, why don’t we just do away with all prisons and all police? That should get old GWB more votes.

Whatever happened to the virtues of obeying the law, being honest and playing by the rules? Well, when Bush needs votes, anything goes.

Now, being a long-term Republican (40 years), I know I should support our president. But I am having a real problem with the way George is running things. American citizenship is very special and should not be something to give away just to win a few votes. If we need these workers, let’s bring them in legally, not just say, “Come here, break our laws and you will be rewarded.”

It is time we faced the truth. Either we have an immigration problem or we don’t. If we do, then let’s close the borders. But don’t give me that baloney, “How can we patrol a border the size of our southern border?” It is quite easy: Electrify the fence. I know some people are going to get hurt trying to sneak into this country, but maybe we should start worrying about our own interests and not criminals’ interests.

It is time to get tough with these people and start throwing them out. They do not deserve any compassion from us. We are bleeding; our nation is on the verge of collapse due to many noncitizens stealing (and the word is “stealing”) our resources. Maybe it is time to start looking for some new leaders. Maybe we need an administration that believes our citizens’ lives and rights are more important than those of an illegal immigrant.

-- Fred Budin, Hoschton