Letters to the Editor - Where is it? November 18 2004

Thanks for “Midnight Munchies with [Adult Swim]” (Nov. 11). I read both your article and the AJC’s, and neither addressed a question that has been plaguing longtime Adult Swim fans. What the hell happened to Brak? As the funniest character on “Cartoon Planet” (the OTHER Space Ghost show), Brak’s popularity spawned CDs, his own special, countless marketing items and “The Brak Show,” which was the co-staple of Adult Swim along with “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.” Now, I love “Sealab,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “Harvey Birdman,” but “The Brak Show” was my favorite. It just disappeared, and no one seems willing to discuss what happened! Was it because Brak’s mom had a crappy British voice (nobody liked that voice) after Marsha [Crenshaw] left? What happened to Andy Merrill? Will “The Brak Show” get the DVD treatment? The public has a right to know!

-- Johnny Pride, Atlanta

Editor’s note: Never fear, Johnny! You’ll get your fix when the first season of “The Brak Show” is released on DVD Feb. 5, along with the second season of “Sealab 2021.”

br>?Works for me
Doug Monroe: I just read your column (Humbug Square, “Kahn of the dead,” Nov. 11). You really need to get out more. The Democrats in Georgia and elsewhere didn’t lose because they failed to get their message out and connect with the voters. That was only part of the reason.

They lost in Georgia and the rest of the nation because their message delivery system is a chaotic jumble of loons. It consists of people like Ted Kennedy, Corrine Brown, Alex Baldwin, Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney, Al Franken, Barney Frank, Jim McDermott, Michael Moore, James Carville, Ben Affleck, gangsta rappers, Jesse Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Al Sharpton, and publications like Creative Loafing. I’ll take Pat Robertson, Bob Jones and National Review over that loopy lineup any day. So will most average Americans.

Another contributing factor was the left’s relentless assaults on what they termed the “religious right.” It makes people feel uncomfortable when they hear attacks on religion ... both left and right. Georgians and most other Americans don’t like it, even if they themselves are not churchgoers or particularly religious.

Personally, I hope the Democratic Party continues to ignore Zell Miller’s message to get back on track. If they do, they might win an election and I don’t want that to happen.

So keep scratching your head, Doug, as you try to analyze your party’s demise. But encourage them to keep on doing what they’ve been doing. It works for me!

-- Dave Scott, Atlanta

?Real leadership
Good article on “Kahn of the dead” (Humbug Square, Nov. 11). An organization founded last year, Georgia for Democracy, which came from the former Howard Dean presidential campaign in Georgia, has had success in areas targeted for get out the vote activities during the 2004 election along with a progressive agenda. The real leadership of the Democratic Party is currently outside of the Democratic Party’s official structure and is having better success delivering a progressive message that resonates with voters.

-- Don McDaniel, Duluth,

Georgia for Democracy treasurer

Well-written discussion of an interesting young man, but I could not help but get hung up on the fact that Felicia Feaster shows Mr. Nelson born in “Texarcana,” Texas (Arts, “Look to the future,” Nov. 11). I checked to see if they had changed the spelling since I left Arkansas and discovered that no, Texarkana is still spelled with a “K” in both Arkansas and Texas. It’s Texarkana, Texas, and Texarkana, Ark. See a pattern? Don’t be creative, just run the two names together. Thought you would like to get it right.

-- Raymond P. Carpenter, Roswell

br>?Like me
Your “Voices of the South” (Oct. 28) was absolutely fantastic. What I appreciated most were the voices. The article was one of the best depictions of the South I’ve come across in a local paper since arriving from up North in 1999. And those voices don’t sound any different than mine — at least on paper. Thank you for that great piece.

-- Kwadjo Boaitey, Atlanta