Letters to the Editor - Who’s who July 15 2004

Thank you for your issue featuring political candidates expressly approved by CL, it was very helpful (“July 20 primary endorsements,” July 8). Owing to CL’s laughable, left-wing, whack-job, kook-fringe editorial slant, I now know precisely which candidates to vote against.

-- Gary Lowe, Atlanta

br>?Bright future?
Denise Majette was wise to not run for re-election in her congressional seat because she knew that Cynthia McKinney would crush her.

I predict that Majette’s career in politics will end after she is soundly defeated in the Senate primary, while McKinney will go on to become one of the nation’s most distinguished congresspersons.

-- Sean Mulligan, Alpharetta

br>?My side of the story
I am chagrined that Creative Loafing saw fit to endorse my opponent, incumbent Pat Gardner, for the 57th District race, Georgia House of Representatives, without meeting me or spending time with me (“July 20 primary endorsements,” July 8). As things stand now, readers may be left with the impression that you indeed interviewed me and found no reasons voters might choose me over Pat. I sure wish we would have had the opportunity to put information in readers’ hands so they could make an informed decision.

[An] example of our different styles and stands: LGBTs need PROACTIVE legislation. As long as gays and lesbians can lose their jobs, their homes and their families, it is not enough to simply vote CORRECTLY on anti-gay legislation. My pledge is to work aggressively to secure the basic civil rights of all Georgians and to do so openly. I want to actively champion legislation to secure the basic rights of the LGBT community (and other minorities, for that matter). That extra step is crucial: not just helping turn back legislation that pops up and happens to affect us negatively, but bringing our issues, concerns and needs to the table. To the floor of the Georgia House.

There are other differences, both of style and substance. It’s important that voters know that this race will be decided July 20 — not in November. They should know I would be the first Asian-American in the Georgia Legislature. They may be interested to know I would be the first openly gay man in that body. I was told today that I would be the first openly gay Asian-American to serve in a state Legislature anywhere in this country; readers may want to know that. Readers may want to know what kind of experience I have that is applicable to public service; they should have an opportunity to honestly consider my (Georgia!) public education, my business experience, my proud community service, and more.

-- Alex Wan,

candidate for state representative, 57th District

br>?Grateful for your reviews
Actually (or rather, technically), it should have read: “Bob Weir ate here” (Grazing, “Sushi on a dime, pasta before its prime,” July 8).

Jerry Garcia’s diet consisted of rare meat, cigarettes and Häagen-Dazs, which is why he was a diabetic and died in his early 50s. Weir is the health-food guy in the Dead.

But I got your point. And I like your writing/reviews.

-- Steve Hurlburt, Atlanta

br>?Don’t rock the boat
I just read your column on frustration with the media (Headcase, “Nixon or Bush?” July 1). I was a left-wing cable TV host in Pittsburgh for seven years, before getting bounced recently. I’m apparently too edgy for local talk radio, although I’m still writing a column for an alternative weekly and doing sporadic broadcast media here and there. I can’t tell you how much I agree with your sentiments about all media pursuing the next generation of sheep. Rocking the boat is no longer allowed. I hope you keep writing, since your vision is disappearing from the media landscape.

-- John McIntire, Pittsburgh

br>?Use it or lose it!
I found your commentary so very true (Headcase, “Nixon or Bush?” July 1); and, as a result, so very sad at the loss of an inquisitive press. I believe that they have literally given their First Amendment right back, saying, “We don’t want it anymore.” So very sad.

-- Bonnie M. Matheson, Wheaton, Md.

br>?Enforce the law!
There you go again, Sugg ole boy. When you gonna wake up and realize we’re in a war and these foreign diplomats demand the highest of safety and security (Fishwrapper, “Lousy town, lousy demonstrations,” June 17)? Don’t you know any one of those nuts you call protesters could have a bomb, or worse? If Clinton were there, you’d have been appalled at someone even protesting this event. Just another one of your views that happens to be unprofessional and without warrant.

You know nothing of military or political policies, or you wouldn’t have a job writing what you think is right and wrong. You and a lot like you in the liberal press want only your views to be broadcast. When are you going to wake up and see how communistic that sounds to average, normal and rational men and women? You, sir, need to get a life! I think it won’t be too much longer that you’ll see accountability being enforced in accurate reporting of the news. Seems to me this has always been a law and hasn’t been enforced — it’s called SLANDER and lies.

-- Don Wilson, Oak Park

br>?You got ears?
It was with some amazement that I read your write-up on New Orleans band the Tomatoes. (Vibes, Soundmenu, May 27). “Clash fanboys ... with none of the swagger”? Come on! The Tomatoes are a welcome change from the mindless banality of so many rock bands I’ve seen and heard recently. Their music is solid, their lyrics actually say something (at last, a break from endless songs about getting wasted or getting laid), and they ROCK live! Time to ‘fess up, Creative Loafing: You’ve never actually been to a show or heard their music, have you?!

-- A. Yeates, New Orleans, La.