Talk of the Town - Card shark March 05 2003

Monday nights in a not-so-crowded bar means more than a Tuesday morning hangover when Sean Pfister adds a game of euchre (pronounced yew-ker) to his tab.

Pfister fell in love with euchre when he was an undergrad. At the time, he was only familiar with poker and other card games involving betting. Instantly hooked, Pfister continued to play after graduation while living in Chicago, where euchre is much more popular.

When Pfister moved to Atlanta, he began a search for euchre lovers and, through his daily travels, found others who enjoyed it as well. All he needed was a place to play. So he found a bar willing to host a tournament and started his own euchre league. For Pfister, the most exciting thing about a euchre game is getting to know the people involved. "You get to meet all different types of people because the only thing that you and the other players have in common is the love of the game," he says.

The game is two-on-two, and the first team to score 10 points wins the round. Five rounds are played, and the best out of five wins. A seven-week tournament is followed by three weeks of playoffs.

And if, on any given night, you find you've ordered too many drinks, play harder — the winners get a couple dollars knocked off their tabs.

Tournaments $25. Mondays 7 p.m. Churchill Arms Bar, 3223 Caine Mill Road, Buckhead. For more info, contact Sean Pfister at 678-687-9229 or seaneuchre@earthlink.net.