Talk of the Town - Follow the mayor August 14 2003

Atlanta's Mayor Shirley is short and she's blond,
and of reading books to kids she is terribly fond.
So together with folks from the Screen Actors Guild
A children's literacy program she's hastened to build.
This Saturday, they'll read at the Starbucks you know,
And they hope that a gaggle of children will show
For what's sure to leave their little faces aglow.??
So many books given by people who care,
But the fun and enticement doesn't stop there.
Parents love coffee, of this we are sure,
But cookies and milk will add to the allure.
And every last child's spirits will leap,
For a book of their own, all theirs just to keep,
to read to their parents before falling asleep.


Booking It With the Mayor, Sat., Aug. 16, 1-3 p.m. Starbucks Coffee, 800 N. Highland Drive. 404-249-6268.