Letters to the Editor (2) - May 31 2006

Kirkwood festival, the religious right, Air Atlanta

Hood hopping

The “Park & wreck” (Fallout, Scene & Herd, May 25) article really disturbed me. I am a neighbor in Kirkwood. I would like the author to know that a lot of work and preparation was done to hold this festival. Everyone in the neighborhood was invited to the festival. We had a website with directions. I wish he would have looked it up. I want to invite the author to come to Bessie Branham Park any weekend or weeknight and see all of the different neighbors enjoying the park. I wish he would have enjoyed his time at our neighborhood festival. Also, he should have found out what the other festival was before he started to make judgments. Too bad he did not see it that way.

-- Christine Tigue, Atlanta

For someone who purportedly lived in the neighborhood that he later could not find, Frederick Noble (who the hell is he, anyway?) sure missed the mark on the Kirkwood Spring Fling write-up! Try Google next time, Frederick; or reading your own paper for the website (www.historic-kirkwood.com) and directions. Better yet, sleep it off and make the streets a safer place.

-- Sean Casey, Atlanta

Yes, when I moved to Kirkwood it was 98 percent African-American, crime-ridden, and you could not even walk your dog at night without fear of being mugged or worse. I say “thumbs-up” to the residents of Kirkwood (black and white) who have lifted this neighborhood up by its boot-straps. We can’t all be as hip as Little Five or East Atlanta Village, right?

-- Bob Riley, Atlanta

Right or wrong

Regarding the “Armageddon for the religious right” article (cover story, May 25), I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. There have been rumblings of dissatisfaction from the extreme right for quite some time, questioning why, since they believe that they were the sole force behind the election of W, he hasn’t implemented all of their extremist dreams and made abortion, homosexuality, evolution and pornography illegal ... like he promised. (He did promise that, didn’t he?)

Recently, James Dobson even said: “There is going to be trouble down the road if they don’t get on the ball.” Yeah, right. What are you going to do, vote Democratic — or not vote at all? They know that all of your threats are hollow posturing. Someday, maybe they will come to the realization that they have been used; that Karl “Goebbels” Rove and the others at the top of the GOP never actually shared your values to begin with, they merely pandered to your values with the lie that if you voted them into power, they would give you everything you ever wanted and eliminate all of those things that make you feel yucky. Well, wake up, prom queen — you’ve been used and left behind. Their only real values are to cut taxes for the rich and to increase corporate profits at any cost. You were simply a convenient, gullible rube who they rode to power on the clear knowledge that they would only have to pay you lip service, and that you could never really turn on them. When it came down to it, you believed their “George W. Bush is a Good Man” rhetoric, and now you have no one but yourselves to blame. The “values voters” line is what they sold you, but your true “value” to the neo-con men was in bringing them to power, and now that they own the presidency, both houses of Congress, and most of the Supreme Court, they don’t really need you, now do they? But there’s no stopping it, the religious right will never wake up, and they’ll keep electing whoever the GOP tells them to, because that is their job. Suckers!

-- William Grewe-Mullins, Atlanta

Air apparent

I do hope Air America stays in Atlanta 1160 versus 1690 (Fallout, “Future uncertain for Air America’s Atlanta affiliate,” May 11). I enjoy listening to all points and views, and I also like listening to WMLB-AM for music and hearing that all evening would be great (it goes static about 7:30). And, regarding talk shows, yes I like to listen to Michael Savage, Hugh Hewitt and others including Neal [Boortz]. I’m bored with Rush [Limbaugh] and Sean [Hannity]. I figure it’s best if both views are out there.

-- Brant, Atlanta