Letters to the Editor (2) - July 12 2006

Online responses to ‘Caging’ voters”“

Online responses to the “‘Caging’ voters” Metro Man column by John Sugg in Metropolis, published July 6, 2006.

How much longer CL?: Just wanted to tell the CF staff how impressed I am with Mr. Suggs recent articles. Featuring a “writer” that either doesn’t state facts, then argues in the comment listing that you should have kept up with him via his blog and that you are “willfully ignorant” for not doing so, or presents what I assume is an attempt at either insult or humor by mocking those he disagrees with is wonderful.

-- I’mveryimpressedwithyourwritingstyle

Parry, thrust: To “I’mvery...”: Sorry, pal, but I’ve written at length, and so have others, notably Hayden Kepner in Atlanta, debunking the “fair” tax. I’m not going to repeat the arguments over and over for the (well described) “willfully ignorant.” Their usual response is that critics haven’t read the book or that we’re comparing apples to oranges. Both statements are false.

Boortz — who boasts on the air that he will “tell any lie” to get ratings — is the who owes an honest debate on the subject. I’ll rely on the authoritative studies (that do compare apples to apples) that demolish the assumptions of the tax. Want more? See the columns and blogs I’ve written. To “Getyour...”: Please, we know the motivation behind the photo ID [state Rep. Sue] (Burmeister). We have seen the GOP actively work to disenfranchise minority voters. We have seen the active racism in Georgia. It’s much more reasonable to believe, as [author Greg] Palast does, that [U.S. Rep. Lynn] Westmoreland’s purpose is to scuttle the VRA, with its criminal penalties for document actions such as the GOP’s “caging” lists, than some unlikely to happen expansion of the law.

-- john Sugg

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