Talk of the Town - Girl on the go February 19 2003

Two-bedroom condo in Midtown's Metropolis

Jennifer Crawford is standing in the center of the Metropolis' modern lobby. Flat screen televisions decorate the reception area. She is glued to her minuscule mobile phone, talking about a client.

Crawford has an imposing presence, 5 feet 10 inches tall, slim, with sleek dirty-blond hair. She sports a form-fitting Gucci suit. A pair of rectangular, dark-rimmed glasses hang loosely on her nose, drawing attention from her brown eyes. Even Crawford's pointy, ruby-colored Prada shoes say something about her.

Crawford is always on-the-go. Her Alpharetta job affords her little free time, dominating her weekdays and routinely flying her to attractive European and American cities on weekends. But Crawford enjoys the demanding workload. She fancies jumping from hotel to hotel, from Paris to Boston, solely conducting business.

Crawford's condominium is spotless. The light oak, hardwood floor is glossy, and her kitchen sink is empty and glimmering. Her living room furniture still appears new, resembling perfectly positioned furniture in a home design magazine. The living room wall is yellow and the dining room wall holds a cherry tint. Contemporary artwork adorns the walls. For the month, the place is splashed with random Valentine's Day-themed ornaments.

Crawford is thrilled about discussing the 21-story Metropolis. She's one of the building's first residents and finds the place, particularly its Midtown location and New York City feel, a good fit for her lifestyle.

Creative Loafing: I think most people would consider living around so much entertainment a bit overwhelming.

I agree. But my lifestyle is overwhelming. I like being around people and I like being busy. It's interesting being around so much stuff. I'm single and in my mid-20s. So, for me, this is quite convenient.

So, you're a bachelorette.

[She chuckles.] Not exactly. I don't have time to hunt for guys.

Is the Metropolis a gay- oriented high-rise?

Midtown is very gay. Period. To be honest, I don't think it's heavier gay than not. There's a huge mix of single, young, professional people.

I'm not a lesbian by the way.

OK. Let's talk about your home. What's your favorite part of this place?

I like the balcony. Being outside and looking down is nice.

I have acrophobia. Does being up here bother you at all?

No. Not at all. My friend's place is on the 18th. Looking down from his balcony is quite scary. [Crawford takes a quick break, grabbing a Slim Fast bar from the kitchen.]

I think you're somewhat obsessive compulsive. [She gives me a sharp look.] I noticed that your closet is color-coded, and the magazines on your coffee table are organized alphabetically.

I know. I like making things look nice. I'm not anal, just organized.

What's in that big photo album on the coffee table?

I keep the key cards from all the hotels I've stayed in. I consider this my hobby. I have cards from hotels from all parts of the globe. Doing this keeps me connected.

I bet you spend very little time here.

Umm. That's true. I live out of a suitcase. That's why I like this place. It has a hotel-like feel. There's always breakfast downstairs in the morning — bagels, coffee and orange juice. When you're always on the go, living here suits you.