Talk of the Town - Going ... going ... gone June 03 2004

Inman Park's very own foul post

Just last week, I had the opportunity to visit Scotty Scottman himself, Scott Shapiro, the producer of 790 the Zone's "Mayhem in the AM," at his home on the outskirts of Inman Park. Nice place, nice neighborhood, but with potential rock-throwing skirmishes.

Creative Loafing: So walking up to your home, amazingly, you guys have taken your retaining wall and re-created a portion of the Green Monster from Fenway Park.

Scott: Just a concrete wall. Painted it green, yellow foul post, dimensions and distance to home plate. Adds a lot of character, I think. Can't really take credit for it, though. I mean, I could, but my roommates did it.

And after passing the faux Green Monster, guests round the corner and discover ...

The putting green. On Sunday afternoons, 85 degrees outside, there's nothing better to do than grab a putter, step right outside and have some fun. You can sit there for a couple hours. Just a lot of fun.

And the square turf on the porch is for pitching?

Absolutely. You gotta be multidimensional.

An all-around short game practice area.

We've got it all covered. No sand, but ...

But what are you going to do? Complain?

Right. It's all great. And my favorites: the big screen TV and, of course, TiVO. There's nothing better in the world than TiVO. The Braves game we're watching now, we wanna see that play again. Boom, there it is again! The greatest invention since sliced bread, you know, maybe even better than that.

I don't know. Sliced bread gives you nourishment; TiVO doesn't do that.

Speak for yourself.

Clearly you're a ridiculously committed sports fan as we watch the Braves game during this interview. Plus, sports memorabilia everywhere in your house.

Everything was basically accounted for when I moved in. My roommates again. All of the posters, the signs, the bobble head collection ... .

So you pretty much lucked into living in an environment that lends itself to your zealous fandom?

That is a fair statement. It's been a real good situation. You can walk to the Highlands. I am not an advocate of drinking and driving, so it's nice to be able to walk.

And speaking of locale, it's hard not to notice this large sign on your refrigerator that reads "30307: It's not just a ZIP code, it's a lifestyle."

It is a lifestyle. You know what, the longer I've lived here, the more I've come to realize it's definitely a lifestyle, a zest for life. And people that are even one ZIP code over, they just don't have that outlook, the happiness, that sense of being, that drive.

You've got to be careful. You'll start a little zip code war with your neighbors.

Oh, it's already on. We throw rocks at each other. I mean, I've never been hit, but it happens.


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