Talk of the Town - Pictures Tell the Story March 09 2005

Every object has a history at the home of Kristin Cowart and Jeff Pierce

Newlyweds Kristin Cowart and Jeff Pierce could be the poster couple for Midtown's upwardly mobile residents. Cowart is one of the namesake KC's of local agency KC Public Relations, while Pierce is vice president of marketing for Simon Properties. Their home is a model of urban Atlanta existence: Fronted by a tranquil but modest yard and a breezy front porch, its cozy interior is bedecked in elegant, eclectic furniture.

And while their living room does boast a wonderfully plush couch and the dining room possesses a large table practically begging for fabulous dinner parties, the truly spectacular objects in the couple's home are often those you'd notice last. A painting picked up in Hanoi rests quietly above the fireplace; a print found in Japan hides on a living room wall, flanking artwork made from flower petals and onion skins procured from a book shop in Cuba. Nearly anywhere one looks in the couple's home, an object has a story to tell.

Creative Loafing: That is a beautiful armoire in your dining room. Is it an antique?

Cowart: Yes, my grandfather left it to me. And - you'll be very surprised (she pulls open a door) - it's actually a bar.

Pierce: Originally it was just a wardrobe and her grandfather turned it into a bar.

Cowart: Yes, my grandfather liked to have a good time.

In addition to the artwork you've picked up from around the world, you also seem to have a lot of antiques. Is that another thing you collect?

Cowart: I really just like that older look. When we bought this house, we knew we could get a lot more house if we went outside the Perimeter or went up north a little bit. But we just loved the old character to this house and thought it had a lot of style. But also my parents have been huge antique collectors, so I definitely learned from them.

Is there a particular part of town where you like to hunt for finds?

Pierce: It seems like we do a lot more hunting when we're traveling in different places.

Cowart: Yeah, you're right. It's nice because you bring things back and then you have memories from different pieces that remind you of different trips.

I really love a piece of art at the back of your house. It's got a black and white background with paper cutouts on it in the shape of a bride and groom.

Cowart: Jeff and I went to a gallery opening one evening and had several glasses of wine when we came across a piece of art that looked very similar to that. And, as you do after you've had multiple glasses of wine, you look at it and think, "I can do that."

You replicated it together?

Pierce: Yes, and actually it was harder than we thought it would be.


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