Talk of the Town - Read my face June 19 2003

Veola Momon sits erect and alert. She cocks her head to one side and stares at me.

"Show me your hairline," she instructs. I push my bangs back and she looks to the left and the right of my forehead. "Did you know you're right-brained?"

Momon's not just making a wild guess. She's reading my face.

She's been studying the traits of eyes, nostrils and wrinkles for nearly 30 years and is a trained "genetic analyst" and member of the Personology Foundation of the Pacific. Face reading is the theory that physical attributes relate to human character and behavior. It may sound like complete bunk, but the idea has persisted in many cultures for thousands of years.

Momon has the reassuring presence of someone's grandmother, she'll be 60 years old this year, and her smile beams serenity. Although she may be retirement age, she doesn't plan on slowing down. Momon already teaches face-reading skills at community workshops and classes. She desires to pass on her knowledge and potentially create a school dedicated to face reading in Atlanta.

Look at her face. She just may do it.

Veola Momon Face Reading Learning Center, P.O. Box 170214, Atlanta, GA 30317. vmomon30317@yahoo.com. 404-373-1955.