Talk of the Town - Sleeps with the fishes June 17 2004

Buckhead bachelor loves his aquariums

One year left and I will graduate college, which really just means I'll have to work like hell to pay The Man back for all those student loans. Eddie "Green Eyes" York isn't running from his student loans. The roughly 50 grand he owes doesn't faze him. As a matter of fact, he went back to school — to open his barbershop on Clark Atlanta's campus. Then, like the Jeffersons, he moved on up. His spacious Buckhead condo houses a massive 250-gallon aquarium filled with exotic tropical fish. One of those Nemos probably costs more than last semester's books. Not to mention the 50-inch flat screen TV and an intimidating 6-feet-tall dragon statue staring right at me. Sure beats dorm life. What could possibly be better than a condo in walking distance from Atlanta's trendiest clubs and restaurants? A pool? Got that too. Regardless, Eddie is quick to assure me that Buckhead living isn't all it's hyped up to be.

Creative Loafing: How do you like living in the middle of all the clubs?

I thought I would like it, but I'd rather live far away. It is too crowded. I would rather live, like, 30 to 40 minutes out of the city.

Mental note: possible AA candidate. Bottles of Belvedere, Moët, Cristal and expensive-ass wines sit on the kitchen counter.

So you're a drinker?


So what's up with the Cristal if you don't drink? It runs about $300 a bottle.

That's just a hook up. But maybe I'll have a night where I'll just think about drinking and I'll just pop a bottle.

What's the fascination with the fish?

It's relaxing: the sound of the water. Men also have fish because their women get on their nerves.

There's a 175-gallon tank in the bedroom filled with African cichlid, which are fish so mean they can take on man-eating piranhas. Maybe this is how he gets rid of those women who work his nerves.

Well, what about the dragon? I mean, it is kind of intimidating.

It faces the door because any negative energy that comes in the house, it wishes it away. In Thailand, animals are worshiped. If you look at it, it's not just a dragon, it's every animal: a fox, a bird, a snake, a lion, a goat, a fish.

And if that doesn't work, maybe Eddie's collection of a dozen or so swords will scare away the bad feng shui. His collection includes a Kill Bill-type sword, an Excalibur imitation, and one that looks exactly the Rock's in The Mummy.

Why all the swords?

I just like collecting things. My favorite is The Highlander sword.

How did you get into cutting hair?

I've been doing it for about 15 years. The barbershop was the hangout spot, so I figured if I'm going to hang out here, then I might as well learn how to do it.