Talk of the Town (2) - June 17 2000

From the Lip

from the lip

With Ray Lewis off the hook, leave it to John Rocker to stir up trouble again. Rocker proved his mettle last week by attacking Sports Illustrated's Jeff Pearlman, one of the nicest writers around. Rocker then confounded observers by going on 96 Rock's "The Regular Guys" to announce that he's considering stockbroking.

The more I thought about Rocker's ambitions, the more I realized he could be on to something. Is Rocker's baseball talent so flighty because he's actually cut out for something else? I asked Christopher Renaldo, president of Atlanta-based GM Systems Consulting, a job placement firm, if Rocker could be better suited for another profession.

"I think the obvious post-closer career for John Rocker is politics," Renaldo says. "His message would have a broad appeal to all Americans. He should consider throwing his hat in the New York Senate race, where he could run as a co-dependent."

Despite all the jokes he's given us, Rocker is an admitted bigot and just a plain old nasty guy, who also happens to possess terrible judgment. His teammates are sick of him (Brian Jordan referred to Rocker as a "cancer" last week). Yet there he is, still wearing the word "Braves" across his chest. In a few weeks, he'll probably be back at Turner Field, sprinting around and making an ass of himself while thousands of people cheer him on. For the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to be from Atlanta.

Moving on: Jeff Dickerson, former columnist and editorial board member at the Atlanta Journal, is leaving the afternoon daily. "It's true," confirms Dickerson, "I'm finally going to put my money where my mouth is and try my hand at entrepeneurship, having written about the need for minority entrepeneurship for these many years."

Dickerson says he will be partnering with Betsey Weltner, a state Capitol insider who also happens to be the daughter of Charles Weltner, the late former chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

Boo hoo: In related news, former Atlanta Citymag editor Isabel Gonzalez has accepted a senior editor position with Teen People, a job that will move her to New York starting in July. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," says Gonzalez, "and I can't wait to play in the big leagues."

Pity the Foo: Before the Foo Fighters' show last Wednesday, June 7, at Lakewood, Dave Grohl and the boys stopped by the Best Buy in Roswell for an acoustic performance. 99X's Leslie Framm took the stage to welcome the band, though Grohl introduced her as "my sister, um, Lisa." The band then tore through covers, including "Sweet Home Alabama" and Rush's "Tom Sawyer."

A couple of thousand bleached and pierced teens erupted after each cover. "That's all we do at home, just sit around and rip-off songs by people like Eddie Money," Grohl told the audience. "And you guys don't even notice!" Maybe they will now.

This and that: We hear TLC's Rozonda "Chili" Thomas was in Fusebox on Saturday night sporting a 15-carat diamond on her finger. ... Horizon Pacific Homes owner Peter Spirer surprised his wife, Becky, with a party at his store June 7. In attendance were CNN producer Kimberly Babbit, record industry promoter Ron Herbert, former Deux Plex owner Beatrice Spathe and philanthropist Sara Schlesinger. Upon arrival, Becky's jaw dropped; she turned and ran. Surfacing later, she thanked everyone for coming out to her "28th birthday party." ... Hawks' center Dikembe Mutumbo has been chosen one of America's "Points of Light," the highest honor for volunteer work in America. Mutumbo, who is attempting to raise over $40 million dollars to build a hospital in his native Congo, will be visiting Washington to receive the award from President Clinton. ... In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Don Keenan's Midtown law firm has acquired the original artist's proof of Norman Rockwell's "The Problem We All Live With." ... I'm out.

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