Talk of the Town - The Guillotine November 27 2002

Response to Nov. 13's Guillotine, which called for the mass execution of all those who voted for Sonny Perdue and Saxby Chambliss:

"Why is it that so many on the left personalize their politics and treat it like it's some sacredly held religion? Then they lash out in the most personal way against those they disagree with. What the hell does this kind of language have to do with a civilized discussion of politics?" -- Via phone

"Taking someone out in the street [and] shooting them because they exercised the right to vote is not keeping in line with the American dream."? — Via phone

"Considering that the person who left that message probably lives off the taxes taken out of my salary, you'd think they'd be a little nicer to me — a voter for Saxby and Sonny." -- Via phone

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