Gather Atlanta's newest participants

New faces mix with old favorites at the 2011 event

Atlanta's emerging art scene continues to grow, which means lots of new faces at this year's Gather Atlanta. Check out the 2011 Gather Atlanta newbies below.

Dance CanvasLocal dance company that provides a forum for emerging choreographers.

Full Radius Dance
Dance company that focuses on highlighting attitudes toward disabilities.

Shop and blog that features the artwork of independent graphic designers, graffiti writers, street artists.

AM 1690 (WMLB)
The Voice of the Arts. This radio station covers just about everything on the cultural spectrum in Atlanta.

The Creatives Project
Started as a project by snapster Neda Abghari to photograph artists and musicians in Atlanta, TCP now includes several broader community outreach programs like the Creative Community Housing Project.

The Collective Project
This multidiscipline group exists, as the name implies, solely to nurture collaborations between artists.

Atlanta Art Now
Biennial publication by Possible Futures Inc. that links contemporary art in Atlanta to broader conversations about contemporary art around the world.

Part choreography and part interactive art installation, Glo performances regularly bridge the gap between artists and audience.

Twinhead Theatre
GSU-born nonprofit group presents films, plays and other random acts of performance.

The Goat Farm
If you've RSVP'd to a Facebook invitation in the last year there's a good chance the event was taking place at this sprawling Westside multipurpose venue. (Someone build them a damn website already.)

Brooks and Company Dance
More dancers! These modern dance guys and gals work with students in schools, address political issues and dancers with Parkinson's.

Art on the Atlanta Beltline
Seriously, you need us to tell you what Art on the BeltLine is? Yeah right.

Zoetic Dance Ensemble
These Best of Atlanta winners do all kinds of fancy dance stuff, too. (OK, we're running out of different ways to describe dance companies here.)

Lucky Penny
Dance Truck's Malina Rodriguez and Blake Beckham recently founded this new dance production company.

Young Foxy & Free
Free quarterly magazine featuring art, photography, music, fashion and designs by local creatives from Athens and Atlanta.

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