Dance - Shades of Indigo

Atlanta Ballet experiments with folk

It was a rocking throw-down at the Fox Theatre last October when Atlanta's favorite folk duo, the Indigo Girls, joined the Atlanta Ballet for the premiere of Shed Your Skin. The collaborative project featured the girls and their band performing seven of their songs live on stage while dancers wearing shiny, skimpy street attire cavorted to Margo Sappington's vibrant choreography, which combined elements of modern dance, ballet and tai chi.

Postponed from last season due to the musicians' strike (you wouldn't expect the Indigo Girls to cross a picket line, now would you?), the piece was a high-energy celebration of youth, angst and euphoria. Emily Saliers' "Ghost" was paired with a sensual, dramatic performance that fleshed out that mournful tune's tale of lost love, while Amy Ray's "Scooter Boys" provided a thrilling backdrop for a testosterone-rich display of graceful athleticism.

It was a memorable night that cast Atlanta in its very best light. If a venerable arts institution and a pair of ambassadors from the local music scene can come together and create magic, anything is possible.??

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