Beggar's Group: Want a revolution?

Controversy and excess take the stage when the Beggar's Group performs at bluemilk's Paradigm Art Space this week.

The East Village-based troupe performs its critically acclaimed off-off-Broadway project Do It!, based on the classic 1960s Yippie Handbook by radical Jerry Rubin. Performed in the style of guerrilla street theater and set in the late '60s, the play takes the audience back in time through events that celebrated power, deviance and the philosophical differences between the peaceful protesters and violent revolutionaries who called for disorder.

Working with bluemilk, the Beggar's Group also hosts Stop the World! workshops combining elements of storytelling, musical expression and dance, all designed to challenge participants to venture into personal discovery and change the reality of their lives. These workshops will culminate in a collaborative performance of Stopping the World, featuring Atlanta artists and audience participation, July 28.

Beggar's Group presents Do It! July 25-26, 28 at 8 p.m. and Stopping the World July 28 at 3 p.m. at the Paradigm Art Space, 1123 Spring St. $5. 404-815-6991. www.bluemilk.net.??

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