Karma Cleanser - July 11 2001

Cosmic consequences for cheating

Karma Cleanser:
Last year I found out that my wife was screwing one of my friends. She soon filed for divorce and got everything (the house, the car, the kid), and I got dick! So for the last few months, I've been feeling like a victim and wishing something bad would happen to her, a broken heart or something of that nature. Last week, she went into the hospital with an infection that almost killed her. She's making a good recovery but I can't help but feel that I'm partly to blame.?And if not, I hope this is not the only retribution she has to pay for utterly destroying my life. Am I a bad person? Is my karma dirty?

-- Bitter, bitter man

Your ex's near-fatal case of Infidelity Flu comes from her own bad karma, not yours. Leave her to the universe and work on curing your Bitter-itis before it becomes contagious.

Karma Cleanser:
Four years ago I ran into an old girlfriend who was then married. In high school, she had broken up with me to go out with the guy who became her husband. We began talking and eventually dating. This relationship lasted about four years, and she became pregnant. We assumed all along that the baby was mine, but had a DNA test done anyway, which showed that he was not mine.

The relationship was one of the most enjoyable I've ever been in, but I ended it because I knew it wasn't going anywhere. Since then, we haven't seen each other but talk on the phone often. I know I created some bad karma with the relationship itself, but is this ongoing communication with her damaging me spiritually?

-- Not a Babydaddy

The Karma Cleanser is starting to think that cheating wives are in this season. Regardless, you need to switch off this twisted little episode of "Springer" before Backstabbing Betty's next shocking revelation.??

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