Karma Cleanser - July 18 2001

The movie moocher strikes again

Karma Cleanser:
I wrote you before about going to the movies and sort-of not paying (the usher never takes the tickets) and you said to make good by buying concessions. Well, last night I went to the movies at a different theater and got a medium drink ($2.50), popcorn ($3) and chocolate-covered peanuts ($3). The concessionaire rang the sale up and said, "That'll be $5.50." My boyfriend was like, "Huh?" I glared at him and paid the lady quickly. So, we made out good in the concessions department.

Should I have pointed the price discrepancy out to her? My boyfriend thinks so. But, I mean, she works there, so if she doesn't know that there's no way three items at the movies can only be $5.50, then I figure she's hittin' the pipe and can't be talked to rationally anyway. I'm beginning to think the gods just really want me to go to the movies. Or am I just a bad person?

-- Movie (and now Concessions) Moocher

Sounds like you've had better luck at the movies this summer than the rest of us losers. We say relish this rash of cinema windfalls, Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes Boyfriend be damned.

Karma Cleanser:
I was at a party a few years ago with my then-boyfriend. While standing in line for the bathroom with a girlfriend of mine, we met a cute boy. My girlfriend and I already had been flirting and touching, which really turned this guy on. We stepped into a side room of the house and all three of us groped and kissed each other. The whole while, my boyfriend was outside watching the bands, completely clueless. Is my love life forever tarnished for this moment of cheating?

-- Bi Now, Pay Later?

Do you think it's a coincidence this is your then-boyfriend? With you off molesting folks in line, it's no wonder the dude split. As for sidestepping future repercussions from your menage, we say abandon the buddy system of bathrooming and let your current beau know what a slut you are at parties.

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