Karma Cleanser - June 02 2005

Dear Karma Cleanser: I have been watching the story about the "Runaway Bride" in Atlanta, waiting to see if she gets charged with any crimes. The reason I am so fascinated with the story is simple: I did the same thing to my fiance two years ago. We had three weeks to go until the wedding and I was going through a lot of pressure to make the ceremony perfect. I woke up on a Saturday morning, grabbed my checkbook and keys, and left our apartment. I drove four hours to an old college friend's place in another city and spent the night there, in tears. She talked me down from the so-called ledge, I guess. I called my fiance the next morning and called off the wedding.

He has never forgiven me for what I did, but I now know in my heart that I could never have been happy had I married him. The bad part is that my luck with love has been shot ever since then. I've dated a few guys, one seriously, but it seems like now I am cursed when it comes to romance. My question for you is: Can a "Runaway Bride" like myself ever get her romance karma back in order?

Cold feet happen all the time - but there's a right way and a wrong way to falter at the altar. The wrong way is to fake your own kidnapping and sexual assault. The right way is to take a deep breath after the jitters pass and calmly figure out what you want. That's exactly what you did. You should gain positive karma by being honest with your fiance and not going through with a sham wedding. He may still harbor ill feelings, but he's better off without an unhappy marriage. As for your poor luck in love: Take a number, sister. If romance made sense, Jessica Simpson would still be a virgin.

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