Karma Cleanser - Will pity affect karma?

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I have been dating this guy for a month now and he invited me to come home with him for the holidays to meet his family. I agreed at the time, which was a couple of weeks ago. Three days before we were supposed to go, we got into a terrible fight. I basically told him that I no longer wanted to go. He said that his family had already bought a gift for me and that it would be rude for us not to attend.

I went and they all gawked over me and asked how long we had been dating, etc. I pretended that everything was fine out of pity for him. I knew that I wanted to stop seeing him. Was it good or bad karma to appease him and his family?

-- Noel in Hell

Let’s just punch some numbers into our Dating Calculator. You’ve been seeing this dude for about a month now, and the holiday invite came two weeks ago. Therefore the beau wanted to show you off in front of his family after only 14 days of dating? Your mistake here wasn’t so much going to meet the folks — it’s charging full speed ahead into a situation that can only be a disaster. You’re still getting to know each other, not invading Iraq! Why the rush? Give the gift back and tell the guy not to call you until after Valentine’s Day.

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