Last Week April 15 2000

Wilder than Six Flags: Reacting to a federal judge's ruling that Microsoft broke antitrust laws, major stock markets plunge by hundreds of points before recovering by the 4 p.m. close. ... Keeping cash on the mountaintop: Martin Luther King III commemorates his father's assassination by threatening to boycott Georgia if the state doesn't remove the Confederate symbol from its state flag. ... On ice: UGA administrators suspend the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity while they investigate whether hazing played any role in a pledge's death.



Owning the air: BellSouth and SBC announce plans to merge their wireless operations into the nation's second-largest carrier. ... The Bigger Stinger: Georgia Tech announces Paul Hewitt as the Yellow Jackets' 12th men's basketball coach, replacing Bobby Cremins. ... Continuing the fight: Fulton County's Board of Commissioners votes to appeal a ruling that determined Sheriff Jackie Barrett had discriminated against white sheriff's deputies.



Protecting the young: Gov. Roy Barnes signs into law Terrell's Law and two other bills that seek to guard children from abuse. ... Saving face: Former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich and his former wife, Marianne, formally divorce after 18 years of marriage, as a judge seals the divorce agreement. ... Feeling gassy: OPEC's increased production won't matter this summer, as the Energy Department says gas prices will average about $1.46 per gallon, about 25 percent higher than last year.



And for the defense: Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin retains death penalty defense specialists Jack Martin and Bruce Harvey to defend him against murder charges. ... But Ted takes a limo: Local officials rail against the results of a study that determines that the neighborhoods around Turner Field are the most violent in the country. ... Covered: The lawyer for Duane Fassett, Ray Lewis' limousine driver on Super Bowl Sunday, announces his client has received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony.



Taking their money elsewhere: After years of conflict, black college students rush to Texas and Florida for spring break, suggesting that this year's Freaknik may be a bust. ... Danger at the Dogwood: Thirteen people are injured in Piedmont Park after a tree topples in heavy wind. ... Para presidente: First baseman Andres Galarraga hits a grand slam in a 7-5 Braves win, and fans call for the Big Cat's entry in the Oval Office race.



Masterful: Vijay Singh holds off a raft of contenders to earn the green jacket in Augusta. ... The big chill: Atlanta temperatures hit a record-low of 32 degrees ... Bowing out: Roswell Street Baptist Church pastor the Rev. Nelson Price, who leads a 9,000 person congregation and supported a 1993 anti-gay resolution passed by Cobb County, announces he will retire in November on his 35th anniversary with the church.


Security or sexism?: The General Accounting Office reports that customs officials are twice as likely to strip search black women as either white men or women on suspicion of drug smuggling.

Soon to be without a sip?: Two river basins at the heart of a riparian rights struggle between Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida are listed as two of America's 10 most endangered water bodies.

Cake and court: Rapper Da Brat is scheduled to answer assault charges in court Thursday, a day before her 26th birthday.??

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