Last Week September 09 2000

Tuesday, Aug. 29
It was a dark and stormy night: The lights go out at Turner Field for 12 minutes — a foreshadowing of the Braves' 4-2 loss to Cincinnati. ... Egg money: The last of five South Georgia plantation managers pleads guilty to poisoning chicken eggs in an attempt to wipe out quail-killing predators. ... Salut: A Glenwood Road package store owner is shot, but not killed, in a robbery attempt.

Wednesday, Aug. 30
Hot trail: Atlanta police track a "hot" license plate to find two men they suspect killed ex-cop Bill Mosher while he was working at his Bolton Country Store. ... Still clocked out: A federal judge denies an injunction that would have restored the jobs of eight women (seven white and one African-American) in the Fulton County Library system — jobs they say were taken away because of racial and retaliatory motives. ...

Thursday, Aug. 31
Too late: The head of the state Department of Family and Children Services announces that the Barrow County branch of the agency will be investigated following the deaths of three children in a fire set by their father — who had already been investigated by the county agency. ... Makin' a list: Officials with Atlanta development company Southwest General Contractors confirm that they have been questioned about corruption in the management of the city's Empowerment Zone.

Friday, Sept. 1
Holiday traffic: Six people die in auto accidents on the first day of the Labor Day weekend. ... That's cool: Georgia Power Co. verbally agrees to take steps to stop fish-kills by cooling the water it discharges into Lake Sinclair, in exchange for the Sierra Club dropping a 3-year-old lawsuit over the matter. Bad company: Fulton County police arrest a man charged with killing and robbing three of his Hispanic co-workers at a pallet factory.

Saturday, Sept. 2
Hard time: A 19-year-old female inmate hangs herself in the Gwinnett County Jail, the second Gwinnett inmate to do so in a month. ... Not in the same league:The University of Georgia gleefully throttles Georgia Southern University 29-7 in its season opener, but most Georgia fans are still stunned that the Dawgs are even playing GSU. ... Boom-Boom saves the day: The Braves sneak by the Astros 8-6 with big help from Bobby Bonilla.

Sunday, Sept. 3
That's not cool: A spill of 20,000 gallons of chemicals used to make anti-freeze in Gwinnett County prompts officials to bar residents from using water from the Alcovy River until they know it's safe again. ... He ain't from around here, is he? Falcon Morten Andersen becomes the franchise's all-time top field goal scorer, bringing his total to 119 in the Birds' 36-28 win over the '49ers.

Monday, Sept. 4
Quick justice: A 29-year-old man is shot and killed by an unseen shooter about two hours after raping a 17-year-old girl in an abandoned house in Edgewood. ... Killer party: The Cobalt lounge in Buckhead opens its doors for the last time after succumbing to the notoriety of being the last place two Decatur men partied before being shot to death following the Super Bowl. ...I'll just plug my blowdryer in right here ... oops: Hartsfield International Airport loses electricity at 17 of its gates and nobody knows why.

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