Last Week September 23 2000


Tuesday, Sept. 12
"Let us build a bridge, for we cannot fill the chasm": More than 250 Ansley Park residents turn out to protest the proposed 17th Street bridge over the downtown connector. ... Nobody invited them: Attorney Bruce Harvey, defending the accused killers of 6-year-old Terrell Peterson, says police failed to justify their intrusion into the emaciated, battered boy's apartment.?

Wednesday, Sept. 13
We re-GRETA to inform you: The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority votes to block federal and state funding for construction projects that would increase traffic congestion and smog. ... It ain't New York City: University System Chancellor Stephen Portch delivers his State of the System address, tagging Georgia's "anti-intellectual" atmosphere as the root of its educational woes. ?

Thursday, Sept. 14
DeAlva who?: Gov. Roy Barnes chooses fairly unknown Bibb County prosecutor DeAlva Simms as the state's child advocate, over the much-lauded former state Sen. Mary Margaret Oliver. ... The unkindest cut: The Hall County Commission votes to outlaw the butchering of domestic or farm animals on residential lots of less than 3 acres. ... A new inquisition?: The board of Catholic Donnellen School in Sandy Springs answer few questions about the firing of three employees, spurring parents to yell "Shame on you!" and "Outrageous!"?

Friday, Sept. 15
Really expensive: The City of Atlanta gets hit with a whopping $900,000 fine by state and federal officials for sewage spills. ... Tax dollars at work? A local television station reports that Mayor Bill Campbell's gambling is being investigated by the feds. ... Where football is a religion: Paulding County High School joins the roster of those schools where prayers are said prior to football games despite laws against the mixing of church and state. ?

Saturday, Sept. 16
Power of the people: About 60 people turn out to protest Georgia Power Co.'s denial of racial discrimination in several lawsuits brought against the company by employees. ... Sauced & skewered: 7th District Rep. Bob Barr shows off conservative buddy Oliver North at a fund-raising barbecue in Carrollton. ... Homegrown: Trisha Yearwood and the B-52s are inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.?

Sunday, Sept. 17
Look twice, save a life: A Decatur motorcyclist is killed when he hits a car turning left off Moreland Avenue into the Foxy Lady lounge. ... The best of the worst: The Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers 15-10 in an ugly victory that sealed the Panthers' reputation as being even worse than the Birds. ... Bring on the Mets: The Braves beat the Diamondbacks 7-1, boosting their standing to 6-3 in the NL East.?

Monday, Sept. 18
God help us, he's been to Mississippi: Mayor Bill Campbell's staff admits that yes, the mayor has indeed gambled in Tunica, Mississippi. ... The Atlanta Police Department is hiring: Two McNair Middle School students and part-time sleuths, Joretta Partridge, 11, and her sister Jamila, 12, spot a stolen Cadillac with an 8-year-old boy sleeping in the back and reunite the car with its owner and the child with his father. ... Whoopsie: The Southeastern Legal Foundation accuses the City of Atlanta's attorneys of missing the court deadline for designating witnesses in its cronyism/affirmative action lawsuit.

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