Last Week September 30 2000

Sept. 19
IT PAYS TO BE OBSERVANT: Mayor Bill Campbell personally rewards (with $200 out of his “own pocket”) two McNair Middle School students who spotted a stolen Cadillac in their neighborhood and helped reunite a sleeping 8-year-old boy inside with his father. ... THE WHOLE SHOOT AND SHEBANG: Lawyers for the City of Atlanta and several gun manufacturers named in a suit brought by the city on behalf of victims of gun violence ask the Georgia Supreme Court to rule on the validity of the case, or throw it out altogether. ... DOGGED DETERMINATION: The owner of a dog shot to death by a Gainesville police officer testifies that she was planning to have the aggressive dog.
Sept. 20
WHO GETS VOTED OFF? The 37-member Clean Water Initiative task force, obviously in favor of organizations that oversee the clean-up of local waters, votes to organize a 25-member commission. ... NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE: Government officials from Fulton and DeKalb counties and the City of Atlanta agree that MARTA is a regional transportation system, and should be partially funded by the state and neighboring counties such as Gwinnett and Cobb. ... NOT KIDDING: Juanita Blount-Clark, head of the state Department of Family and Children Services, says workers are leaving the agency’s county offices because of media and state scrutiny.
Sept. 21
YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM: Black clergy and civil rights activists call for the FBI to cease its investigation into Mayor Bill Campbell’s gambling habits and private life. ... KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM: The Cobb County Commission explains to a grand jury why funds were re-directed from a planned prison center to a road resurfacing project. ... KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY: A Gainesville policeman is acquitted of cruelty to an animal after a Hall County jury decides he had to shoot the neighbor’s dog that attacked his 9-year-old daughter. ... KNOW WHEN TO RUN: State officials say they are investigating charges of corpse-fondling and same-sex harassment at H.M. Patterson and Sons Spring Hill Funeral Home.
Sept. 22
LICENSE TO STEAL: State officials say nearly 100 truckers and other drivers may have fraudulently used the services of a commercial drivers’ license mill to obtain permits. ... FASTER THAN WE USED TO BE: A federal report shows delays at Hartsfield International Airport have been reduced by 16 percent since August 1999.
Sept. 23
DISCHARGE: A Griffin police officer shoots a burglary suspect who’s seen carrying a battery charger near a break-in; the Georgia Bureau of Investigation launches a probe of the incident. ... NO WINNERS: A 16-year-old driver is killed during an apparent drag-racing incident on Chastain Road in Kennesaw. ... DON’T DE-SPEAR: Athens resident Breaux Greer finishes 12th in the Olympic javelin competition.
Sept. 24
CHICKEN HAWKED: The Falcons are decimated by the St. Louis Rams 41-20, thanks to a flawless air attack by Rams QB Kurt Warner. ... CARVED UP CANUCKS: The Braves whip up on the Expos in Montreal 15-4. ... THAT’S OUR BOY: East Cobb native Brent Abernathy goes 4 for 5 in the U.S. baseball team’s win over Australia.
Sept. 25
75K BRIGHTENS EX-BUDGET CHIEF’S DAY: Atlanta City Council President Robb Pitts questions a consulting contract that pays former acting chief financial officer Judith Blackwell $75,000 over the next six months. ... BAD ENDING: Investigators say a suicide note was found in the car of suspected child pornographer Thomas Arthur Kuswa, who shot himself while fleeing from a White County Deputy.

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