Last Week November 11 2000

Oct. 31
Again, but this time with feeling: Mayor Bill Campbell rapturously unveils the city's new affirmative action program, designed to hold up under legal scrutiny; but experts say it's as problematic as the city's old, constitutionally questionable program. ... You asked for it: Bell South promises bigger bills in response to customers' complaints that bills are too small — to read. ... Haven't the 'Noles beaten us before? The governors of Florida, Alabama and Georgia agree to let the president of Florida State University mediate the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basin dispute.
Nov. 1
Never mind: The City of Atlanta's Board of Ethics reverses itself — first finding that it has jurisdiction over complaints against Mayor Bill Campbell and then deciding it doesn't. ... Too Bushed to vote?: State elections officials predict the lowest voter turn-out since 1988 for the General Election. ... Crime prevention: Peachtree City police arrest a man who says he was trying to kidnap a kid when police got wind of him talking to boys about sex and giving them rides in his golf cart.
Nov. 2
Any platform will do: Politicians hijack a rape-awareness rally at the University of Georgia where four women have been raped since mid-summer. ... Miles and miles apart: A Conyers pipefitter is arrested in connection with the murder of a woman at her home on Pharr Road. ... A special place in Hell: Cobb County prosecutors say their case against at least five boys and six men who allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl will rely more heavily on the defendants' videotape of the incident than they had hoped because the victim, who is mentally retarded, is unable to give a clear description of it.
Nov. 3
Missing: Carrollton police search for missing State University of West Georgia co-ed Toyal Jackson. ... How slow can you go?: The Fulton County grand jury calls a press conference to put pressure on the district attorney's office to expedite indictments — some of which take up to four years to execute. ... No surprise here: Atlanta police say the 9mm Glock used to kill a 12-year-old who lobbed eggs at a 14-year-old Halloween reveler was stolen.
Nov. 4
Too much fun to be over-the-counter: CNN reports that the FDA will seek to pull diet and cold medicines — Dexatrim, Triaminic and Contac among them — off the shelves. ... Beating the "Bad Boys" in Boston: Thrashers defeat the Bruins 8-3 despite being forced to wear their home jerseys. ... Rollercoaster: Die-hard Ohio Player fans pack the Southern Music Festival in Woodruff Park.
Nov. 5
Fore!: About 100 people march outside the Tour Championship at the East Lake Country Club to protest sponsor Southern Company's alleged racial discrimination. ... No warning?: An unidentified man carrying a cellular phone and a set of keys is run over by a train in Coweta County. ... They're using their heads:QB Chris Chandler leaves the game with a concussion and the Buccaneers proceed to pummel the Falcons into a semi-conscious state, winning 27-14.
Nov. 6
Bill's crying: Along with a handful of other pay hikes, the Atlanta City Council approved an increase in the mayor's salary from $100,000 to $141,490, but the hike isn't slated to take effect until January 2002 — after next year's elections. ... Breathing easy: Atlanta civil rights pioneer Hosea Williams is taken off his respirator in his fight with kidney cancer. ... Boot hill: An ordinance that would have placed regulations on outfits that operate as booting companies is sent back to committee by the Atlanta City Council. ... Making a day of it: While handing money, the Atlanta City Council approves a $5.4 billion expansion package for Hartsfield International Airport.

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