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For wasting time on the wrong bill of rights'"

The inanity of the Kingston-sponsored "Academic Bill of Rights" is truly, if sadly, breathtaking. The realization that this is how some Georgia congressmen choose to spend their time once they get to Washington is certain to cause a spike in Prozac prescriptions.

The clear goal of the bill, which would have no force of law, is to "encourage" universities to hire more conservative professors and to tilt their academic curricula to the right. Even the Savannah Republican's own press release calls the bill a move to "protect college students from one-sided liberal propaganda."

In arguing for the necessity of such a measure, Kingston whines that most college profs are lefties. This can only mean, he deduces, that colleges regularly discriminate against hiring, say, Limbaugh fans who want to teach romantic poetry and art appreciation. That's like saying that, because most Army brass are conservatives, the military must be discriminating against the hordes of sensitive liberals clamoring to become career soldiers.

Equally astounding is the hypocrisy of the right-wing supporters of the bill who, on the one hand, claim they want to lessen government interference in our lives, but who then seek to tell private colleges and universities whom they should hire.

Not only is the bill ridiculous, it's unnecessary. Polls have shown that, on average, college students have become more conservative in recent years. How could that happen if, as Kingston says, they are constantly subjected to "ideological indoctrination" by liberal professors?

Even more embarrassing, Kingston didn't even come up with his "bill of rights" himself; he cribbed it from the Colorado legislature and a right-wing commentator.

Instead of putting colleges on notice that the thought police are looking over their shoulders, Kingston should suggest that right-wing parents take care in choosing where to send their kids. Isn't that why God created Bob Jones U?

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