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For suggesting that all God's children should pack crazy heat

Would Jesus tote an AK-47, or would the Savior prefer the compactness and stealth advantage offered by the lightweight TEC-9? You may not find such theological conundrums debated at your local church, but no doubt the Christian Coalition of Georgia could advise the Lord on how best to arm Himself.

That's the impression we get, anyway, from a recent "Action Alert" sent to members of the coalition's e-mail list by state Chairwoman Sadie Fields. The notice implores members to immediately log on to their computers, go to a CNN online poll asking whether the federal ban on assault weapons should be extended, and vote no. Then, they should spread the word for their friends to do the same.

Otherwise, the letter argues, the liberal crowd over at CNN will be able to trumpet poll results showing that Americans support the assault weapons ban.

Put aside for a moment the misguided notion that CNN (or Ted Koppel, for that matter) is trying to push a liberal agenda. Why should the Christian Coalition give a rat's ass how an online poll on assault weapons turns out? And, more to the point, why would a self-described Christian organization support unrestricted public access to assault weapons in the first place? Is it just us, or does that seem like a somewhat un-Christian position?

The answer lies in the original source of the notice, forwarded by Fields to her constituency. That source would be one Grover Norquist, a right-wing Washington anti-tax lobbyist who's become an influential GOP strategist. Norquist sent out the letter to the conservative troops presumably because the poll results could erode support from the party's stance on assault weapons.

By passing on this message, Fields confirms that she, like Ralph Reed before her, is less interested in doing the Lord's work than she is in playing partisan politics.

The next time you see her, be sure to ask how many angels can fit on the head of a hollow-point slug.

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