Letters March 09 2005

Ups and downs of being single

In Alyssa Abkowitz's report on singles in Atlanta ("Single in Atlanta," March 3), it amazes me the amount of drinking involved just to meet guys or people in general. In eight of her 10 encounters, alcohol played an important factor in how the date will turn out when, in fact, your reporter was becoming skewed in her gathering of facts. It does show she has more to hide than letting on.

Just like Alyssa, I am also a transplant to the ATL and single. It shows that some women are unapproachable here in Atlanta because of articles written drunk or hung over. Keep up the good work, Alyssa, you're a few more drinks away from an AA meeting.

- Tom Rains, Vinings

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your article "Single in Atlanta" (March 3). I found myself laughing out loud several times.

Your words hit home; dating in this city has been a ridiculous adventure for me. It's always refreshing to hear from others having similar experiences to myself. I wonder what percentage of the singles population here is reasonably attractive and can hold a decent conversation without being pretentious, loony or just plain full of crap? I strongly agree with you on one of your points - it seems that the best matches often come in unexpected ways.

- Gunnie Mathis, Atlanta

By the numbers

Kudos to you and your staff for going after those parasites at ChoicePoint (SuggBlog, "Chew on this, ChoicePoint," March 3).

It seems the "liberal elite media" has collective amnesia, and the name ChoicePoint has slipped their memory. They just can't seem to recall where/when the name first surfaced ... nah, it couldn't have had anything to do with the Village Idiot being elected in 2000? And poor Derrick, what a pathetic excuse he is. Not even a good case of plausible denial. Makes me want to vomit!!!

- Terry L. Smith, Decatur

Triumphal artwork

Thank God for your article on the recent infestation of College Art Associationers (For Art's Sake, "Beware the black clad," March 3).

Brilliant stuff. I've never seen such perceptive stuff anywhere, period. As a "recovering" New Yorker, I am so oft sickened by the regional epidemic of pandering. Not only did you avoid it, you fucking triumphed!

- John Pigott, Atlanta

No haters here

That Creative Loafing ran the latest smear for donations from the Southern Poverty Law Center says a lot about its journalistic integrity and attitude on illegal immigration ("Easy prey," Feb. 24).

Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC is widely known as a fundraising organization to benefit its co-founder, Morris Dees - one that spends most of its donors' money in an effort to get its donors to send more money.

Labeling an individual a racist or hatemonger, and then reaping contribution dollars by "exposing" the target is the proven tactic. Sadly, it continues to be successful.

Here, they wisely and correctly avoided actually saying that I am any of those things. Instead, they let state Sen. Sam Zamarripa step in to play the race card.

Any Creative Loafing reader with access to the Internet can and should "Google" Zamarripa, Dees and SPLC. Among the many articles exposing Dees for the shameless profiteering race baiter that he is, don't miss "The Church of Morris Dees" in a considerably more respected publication, Harper's, November 2000.

As a former Marine and an American who loves his country (can I say that in Creative Loafing?), seeing my name and that of my organization in print with neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists makes my skin crawl.

Instead of attempting to marginalize those who stand up for the law, we should be asking ourselves a question: How will we know when we have enough illegal aliens in our nation ... and how will we stop them?

- D.A. King, Marietta?
?founder, the American Resistance Foundation

The violence visited on immigrants in recent years, whether legal or illegal, is disturbing. And this story from the Southern Poverty Law Center ("Easy prey," Feb. 24) illustrates it.

Not enough attention is being paid to the problem. In fact, the number of crimes of this nature likely goes underreported because the victims do not lodge complaints because of their illegal status or their native cultures hold a pervasive distrust of law enforcement.

You mention a number of organizations and individuals that oppose current U.S. immigration policies. For the most part, the article tries to stigmatize them as "racists" and "xenophobic hate organizations." My own organization, the Georgia Heritage Council, is mentioned in the article as "when it's not defending the Confederate battle flag ... spreads the word that 'immigration is out of control.'"

Neither the Heritage Council nor myself are associated with any of the groups mentioned in "Easy prey," nor with any individuals you mention.

Given what we know about the Southern Poverty Law Center, we are not surprised that they would distort the truth in their report to make it appear that the Georgia Heritage Council (formerly "Coalition") was guilty of motives and actions similar to the other groups mentioned. The SPLC is a parasitic organization that specializes in character assassination by the use of distortions, demagoguery and outright lies. Their typical M.O. is to use the "racist" and "hate group" label.

The SPLC is in our view anti-Christian, anti-Southern, anti-tradition, anti-American and anti-truth. We are continually surprised at the number of otherwise reputable publishers who use SPLC disinformation at risk to their reputations.

The Georgia Heritage Council is an organization open to all persons who are concerned with preserving American and Southern heritage, including our Confederate inheritance, but also historic structures and neighborhoods, our environment, and a Georgia that reflects an allegiance to our culture and history and individuality.

- Jeff Davis, Gainesville?
?chairman, Georgia Heritage Council

The SPLC's Heidi Beirich responds that the Georgia Heritage Council "is tightly linked to racial extremists and especially the white supremacist hate group League of the South. GHC's website is registered to Mike Crane, who the Florida LOS lists as its leader. The league, which the GHC links to, believes the South should secede. [Its] leader, Michael Hill, publicly decries racial intermarriage under any circumstance and believes slavery is 'God-ordained.' ... Jim Dean, one of GHC's leaders, has a Heritage TV video series that features hate group leaders [including] Sam Dickson, a leader of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a group that believes blacks are 'a retrograde species of humanity.' The GHC's website features other racial extremists, including Pastor John Weaver, a man who has declared that interracial marriage 'destroys the races.'"

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