Cover Story: Sources

Behind the Book of Ralph

• "Gandhi: Ninny of the 20th century," Red & Black, 4/14/83, (not online)

• "Letters: 'I had read them before'" and "A note from the editor," Red & Black, 4/19/83, (not online)

"Reed sets political sights high," Red & Black, 4/29/05

"Abramoff allies keeping distance," Washington Post, 11/8/2004

"The Gospel according to Ralph," Time magazine, 5/15/95

"Christian political soldier helps revive movement," Washington Post, 9/10/93, (paid archives)

"In Ga., Abramoff scandal threatens a political ascendancy," Washington Post, 1/16/2006

"The right hand of God (cover)," Time magazine, 5/15/95, (paid archives)

"Skandalakis, Reed show true colors," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/18/98, (paid archives)

"Albany's Taylor says he's 'honored' to serve," AJC, 11/5/98

"A decade of Reed," Weekly Standard, 6/27/2005

"Reed's golf trip raises questions," AJC, 6/19/2005

"Insiders worked both sides of gaming issue," Washington Post, 9/26/2004

"Reed's fees all paid by casino," AJC, 11/3/2005

"Ralph Reed's zeal for lobbying is shaking his political faithful," New York Times, 4/18/2005

"Lieutenant governor's race grabs spotlight; 'Ambitious' Cagle goes toe-to-toe with Reed," AJC, 11/20/05

"My big cavernous pit of love," Sunday Paper, 12/11/2005

"Powerful lobbyist pleads guilty," AJC, 1/4/2006

"Remarks delivered to TeenPact," www.ralphreed.com, 12/9/2005

"Reed said to see Georgia as path to White House," Washington Times, 1/18/2005

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