Cover Story: CL’s 2012 election guide

Charter schools, utility regulators, and Gold Dome seats to be decided

We’re down to the wire. It’s been a roller coaster of a campaign race so far, particularly in the presidential contest. After bayonets and binders full of women, the dismissal of the 47 percent, and too many Big Bird references, it’s finally time to cast a ballot in this year’s election.

Choosing your next commander-in-chief — whether it’s President Barack Obama or former Gov. Mitt Romney — will undoubtedly be your main focus at your local polling station this Tuesday.

That being said, several key issues much closer to home deserve your attention as well. In fact, these races and ballot measures probably will affect your daily lives more than whoever occupies the White House. But don’t worry if you’re not caught up on these local races — that’s why we’re here.

We’ll get you up to speed on the great charter school debate; a boring-but-important amendment dealing with the sexy topic of government office leases (!); two Public Service Commission races that could help determine whether the Peach State gets serious about clean energy; and a rundown of other key political contests. Finally, we’ve rounded up the best places to watch the election results, from the tried-and-true liberal haunts to the official candidate galas.

So turn out to the polls and raise your glasses, as we’ve got you covered with CL’s 2012 election issue.


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The Great Charter School Debate

The future of Georgia’s charter school movement depends on this constitutional amendment
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Heating up the Public Service Commission

One of two utility regulators needs a wake-up call
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Amendment Two: ‘The other amendment’

State wants OK to sign long-term leases - don’t let ‘em
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Other Nov. 6 races worth watching

Gold Dome fights, Brookhaven’s first steps, and congressional battles
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Image “>Image “>Voting 101%%%All politics is local

Where to drink, celebrate, and mourn on Election Night