Cheap Eats - Mucho taco

Big taste for a small world at Taqueria mundo

Sandals and shorts (while the weather holds out) are totally appropriate for this faux-Southwestern outpost. The coffee shop (Caribou), Highland Bagel and taco stand make for an interesting three-way collaboration. Walking in the door, it's hard to know if you're in Baja or the Yukon.

The tacos are great — and at $2 each, you'll probably want to load up on a few. Fillings include chicken, steak, pork, vegetable, Portobello and fish. A curious hint of Taqueria Mundo's pan-Asian connection to sister restaurant Doc Chey's down the road, the Peking Pork taco features tangy, marinated chunks of meat topped with shredded cabbage, diced onion and cilantro and a hoison-type "Peking" sauce. The Portobello was a little watery and weighed down by the pinto beans, tomatillo salsa, onion and cilantro.

The quesadillas come in four varieties: vegetable, pork, chicken and steak. The steak quesadilla appeared pan-seared rather than grilled and was served artfully drizzled with sour cream and garnished with a side of salsa. Margaritas were a little weak. For four bucks, I want more than watered-down mix and ice.

Service is fast. Couldn't be shorter. You order at the counter and a server easily finds you to deliver your meal.

Pick up your Margarita on the rocks at the counter, and by the time you find your table, there's a good chance your food will be waiting.

Pricewise, when a $5.50 quesadilla is top of the line, you ain't doin' too bad. Vegetarian sides are $1.50 each and include chipotle smashed potatoes, corn salsa, jalapeno cole slaw and pinto beans. Combine all four with flour tortillas for a $5 vegetarian plate.

Prices are a bit odd. It's always refreshing to find items rounded to the nearest whole number, instead of a penny short to make them appear cheaper. But the beverages are all askew. A soda is $1.26, bottled water $1.03, juices or smoothies $1.96. Maybe it helps with taxes, but it's still confusing.

For those who can't handle the wait of most other Highland eateries, this is an easy stop for a quick, tasty bite.??