Hollywood Product: 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

Director Matthew Vaughn has another marvelous collaboration with comic creators Gibbons and Millar

GENRE: Spy adventure
THE PITCH: A member of the clandestine organization Kingsman is killed during a mission and they replenish the ranks with a new recruit. Seasoned agent Harry Hart (code name: Galahad), played by Colin Firth, enlists Eggsy (Taron Egerton), the wayward son of a fallen colleague into Kingsman. Meanwhile the organization uncovers a diabolical plot conceived by technology mogul, Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) to save the planet at a severe cost. Based on the comic book The Secret Service by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Mark Millar (Kick-Ass).

MONEY SHOT: Galahad’s investigation of Valentine leads him to a small church in Kentucky. Amidst the fire and brimstone sermon Valentine tests a device on the congregation that send them into an uncontrollable rage. The end result is an all-out brawl to the death with Galahad caught in the melee.

BEST LINE: While being held captive Professor Arnold (Mark Hamill) is offered a glass of Dalmore 62 by his captives. As someone fetches the glass, he explains to the scholar, “This whisky is amazing, you will shit!”

PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Hart discusses Eggsy's troubled past and his future outlook over a pint of Guinness at a local pub. Hart and Valentine sit down to an exclusive dinner at the billionaire's estate. His personal assistant and bodyguard, Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) offers the gentlemen an assortment of burgers from McDonald's, with fries.

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SO HOW MUCH IS DALMORE 62: The coveted Scotch whisky recently sold at Changi Airport for $192,587.50 (£125,000) by an anonymous Chinese businessman.

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DIGS AT BRITS: After a brief discussion about his recruit Eggsy with Arthur (Michael Caine), Galahad reminds the latter of his prudish pedigree by saying, “There is a reason why aristocrats developed weak chins.” Whom talking to whom here?
IS THERE A KINGSMAN SUIT SHOP: No. But clothier, Mr. Porter, has created an exclusive line based on the movie. The charcoal double-breasted pinstripe suit Colin Firth wears in the film starts at $2,495. Too pricy, try the key ring its only $150.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Eggsy decides to name his pug, J.B. Considering it’s a spy organization Arthur assumes homage to Britain’s favorite spy James Bond, or possibly Jason Bourne. Eggsy sheepishly explains JB stands for Jack Bauer of 24 fame.

LEVEL OF VIOLENCE: High. Expect various degrees of mutilation and some creative splatter effects.

BOTTOM LINE: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it seems to be the mantra for the second collaboration between director Matthew Vaughn and comic book creators Millar and Gibbons. Vaughn’s campy, fast paced style works perfectly for this spy origins story. Like their first endeavor, Kick-Ass, Vaughn subtly lampoons the subject with cheeky comedy to offset his gratuitous brawl sequences. And who better than Jackson to play Valentine, the lispy, megalomaniacal genius with a gag reflex towards violence – its comedic gold! Fans of the comic book series should be rather satisfied by Vaughn’s effort to capture the gentleman’s spirit of the Secret Services books and with a little luck (and significant box office numbers) a new, breezy, spy series for millennials and action junkies alike.

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