See & Do - The music city of Atlantis September 27 2006


Not much in life is better than doing exactly what you want. The hard part is figuring out how to get there. From OCT. 4-7, the ATLANTIS MUSIC CONFERENCE hosts more than 150 music execs in a variety of industry-specific educational panels, and features more than 300 artists in nightly showcases. A few interesting sessions include "Marketing Guerilla Style," about using online communities such as YouTube.com and MySpace.com to market yourself; "Tour Your Van Off," on tour planning; and "DJs Pool Panel: the Mixtape Connection," which examines the trend of self-produced mix tapes to create major-label opportunities. See Sound Menu for more on concerts. Conference: $250 (walk-up registration). Sheraton Atlanta, 165 Courtland St. Showcases: $40. Various venues. 770-499-8600. www.atlantismusic.com.

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