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A tidy, friendly spot located on a stretch of Memorial Drive that's chock-a-block with ethnic eateries, Madina specializes in Somalian cooking. Goat dishes are the specialty here. Goat is lean and can be tough, but at Madina they stew it until it's tender, or they fry it to a mahogany brown. All dishes at Madina come with either rice or spaghetti — a vestige of Somalia's days as an Italian colony. To drink? A complimentary pitcher of Tang. 5291 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain. 404-499-2784.


Moya's windows are tinted black like other Ethiopian eateries around town, but unlike the others, it takes interior decorating beyond the posters of Ethiopia provided by the tourist board. If you're new to Ethiopian, try the vegetable plate (including buttery collards, gently seasoned yellow split peas and satiny cabbage with carrots and potatoes) and doro wat, a chicken leg and a hard-boiled egg covered in an ebullient sauce flavored with berbere spice mix. Moya is an excellent answer to the age-old question of where to go for a cheap and compelling weeknight dinner, particularly if you're in the mood for meat-free fare. 1371 Clairmont Road. Decatur. 404-633-6692.

Queen of Sheba

I like to eat here in the area dedicated to traditional Ethiopian tables and stools: Everyone sits around a tall, round wicker basket in which one large plate is placed with all the dishes over a canvas of injera bread. Ordering a meat combo will give you a comprehensive and tasty overview of the beef and lamb dishes. The yemsir wot (spicy red lentils) are particularly good here. Brave initiates should consider the gored gored — an Ethiopian version of steak tartare tossed in spiced butter. 1594 Woodcliff Drive, Suite G. 404-321-1493.

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