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Coisas do Brasil

In addition to bikinis the size of postage stamps, this Brazilian food store offers all you need to make feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. Black beans, dried pork and farofa (manioc meal) are for sale, as well as mixes to make pao de queijo (cheese bread). The lunch counter is a must-visit. 1480 Terrell Mill Road, Marietta. 770-541-1117.

New Odessa

New Odessa is chock-a-block with all things Russian and Baltic. A case dedicated to sausage boasts a seemingly endless variety of cured and smoked meats: bear sausage, Ukrainian smoked pork loin and links as short as your thumb or long as a whip. The freezer case offers hand-made pelmeni and pierogi, both savory and sweet. 2793 Clairmont Road. 404-321-3544.

Ranch 99

Part of a California-based chain, Ranch 99 is constantly bustling with Asian families and Asian food fanatics gathering hard-to-find ingredients. Cases in the produce department bulge with longan, curry leaves, sugarcane, three varieties of papaya, fresh bamboo shoot. You name an organ meat, and Ranch 99 carries it, from whole cow tongues and cow spleen to raw pork blood. The housewares section merits a visit, too. 5150 Buford Highway. 770-458-8899.

Tomato International Company

Perhaps the hardest to find and the most fascinating food shop in Atlanta, Tomato International is a portal into the Japanese universe. Aisles are packed with imported treats, many of which have nary a word of English on them. In the place of such lexical gems as Let's Making Dessert with Milk (as one brightly colored box proposed) are designs so gorgeous you'll want to frame them and hang them on your kitchen wall. 2086 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna. 770-933-0108.

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