Mouthful - New York-style pizza

For displaced New Yorkers and pizza enthusiasts, the hunt for the ideal NY-style pie in Atlanta can be a frustrating expedition. Lots of restaurants claim authentic versions but hopelessly fall into the imposter category with a shoddy crust, cloyingly sweet sauce or rubbery cheese. Fortunately for slice-folding fiends, Atlanta has a smattering of quality NY-style pizzerias.

Pizzeria Fortunato: Whether you want to enjoy a slice straightaway or grab a pizza to enjoy later with the family, this spot has you covered. The thin crust is crackly with nice tug and is topped with the proper ratio of well-balanced sauce and cheese. While there are plenty of pie choices, the plain cheese Neapolitan is the hands-down fan favorite. 5350 United Drive, Smyrna. 770-432-7454. www.pizzeriafortunato.com.

Rosa's Pizza: Locals don't mind waiting in the long lines for a slice served up by tough-talking "pizza Nazis" at this grungy Fairlie-Poplar hole in the wall. The pies don't travel well and the cheese can be too oily at times, but die-hard regulars still proclaim it the best in the city. A second location opened recently, but the original is the better of the two. 62 Broad St. 404-521-2596.

Verra-Zanno Pizzeria: The pristine décor, super-friendly staff and tasty pizza make this destination worth the drive. The counter is the best seat in the house, where you can watch the kitchen hand toss each pie. If you want takeout, don't fret – the crispy crust and quality cheese are still superb on the reheat. 11600 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 190, Duluth. 678-473-0209. www.verra-zanno.com.

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