The Watcher - Work it, girl

If British television shows "Benny Hill" and "Monty Python's Flying Circus" proved one thing, it's that men dressed in women's clothes guarantees a few hardy yucks.

TBS' latest reality show, "He's A Lady" (Tuesdays, 10 p.m.) hopes to cash in on just that premise.

The contestants of "He's A Lady" are manly men, which is defined by beer-swilling, X-treme adventure-seeking jock-types who think they're competing in a physical challenge show called "All American Man" — because apparently, no reality show can be upfront about its plot. Instead, contestants struggle through silly challenges of the most superficial aspects of being a woman — from dealing with bras, walking in heels, planning a wedding, and one of the more unfortunate duties females endure, being a bridesmaid. If the show were called "She's A Guy," girly-girl contestants would undoubtedly learn how to throw a football, barbecue and scratch their balls.

But who ever looked to reality TV for substance? The silliness triggers giggles as these goofy men strut down the catwalk in flamboyant wigs and matching dresses in front of their wives, girlfriends, and a panel of celebrity judges. A few of them make decent women, but most of them resemble the Redskin's Hogettes minus the pig noses. The best "woman" wins a quarter-million dollars.

But the initial makeover may be the best part, particularly for any woman who has failed to shave her legs for a few days and received complaints from a man with a five o'clock shadow and a pelt on his back that would make a nice rug. After walking in 4-inch heels with a coordinated purse, the contestants sympathize with the efforts women go through, but it's far more fun to see them fall and twist their ankles.