Redeye July 10 2003

Room With A View: Hotel bars are becoming de rigueur to begin an evening out — whether a stop into the Four Seasons' Park 75 terrace lounge for wine prior to a night in Midtown or a martini while in the Perimeter area at the bar at Savu in the W. True, prices are at a premium, but greater care is exhibited, staff is often more personable, and even well alcohol is frequently of a higher grade, lending the evening that much more of a lease on life. The W even features seasonal DJ sessions to encourage those without room bookings to book it to their bars.

Peek Hour: To be honest, due to holiday weekend flight, Fourth of July weekend didn't see many fireworks. July 2 at Eleven50, Sasha, once a progressive house/trance marquee name of arena-proportions, played to a respectable but manageable turnout. But the dedicated were rewarded. Prior to 2 a.m., Sasha had one wondering when trance and entrancing were surgically separated. But as the evening wore down, the music ramped up. By the end of the set, familiar snippets of Underworld, Nirvana and Depeche Mode, as well as Sasha's own productions, weaved between equally wobbly bodies and breakbeats.

Fireworks did erupt at Eleven50 July 3 — of the literal kind. Lil' Steven caused a lil' ruckus with some well-meaning, but poorly aimed bombs bursting in air, while the impressive variety of local DJs he helped bring together were blowing shit up (in a more figurative way) in the club's main room, patio and gallery. Stay tuned for further locals only appreciation and reunion Klubb events.

At The Earl the same night, Glass Candy made like Mick Ronson and Debbie Harry to a drum machine. Those in attendance were eating it up, but it seemed the majority who truly hungered for some sopping sounds trudged into the dub-drenched halls of MJQ July 4 for a set by DJs/Dynamo Productions partners Scott Hendy and Andy Smith (of Portishead). Bodies top to bottom until things started thinning around 3 a.m. MJQ was a meat locker packed and buffeted by slabs of rare groove, ragga, dancehall and hip-hop.

Track Record:Starting next month, a new segment titled Track Record will feature a round-up of the top dance tunes made or made available locally. Producers and label owners interested in having materials considered, make contact.

Until next week, keep one RedEye open. And send all comments, questions, observations and invitations (with the event/date in the subject line) to redeye@creativeloafing.com.