Redeye December 11 2003

Drumming up interest: Eyedrum Contemporary Art, Music & New Media Gallery threw a rent party Saturday, Dec. 6. For those looking to binge on fringe, there has rarely been a finer selection of perception-altering confectionary than this nonprofit primer.

Decentralized between the main gallery space, a cavernous "cafeteria" offering hot dogs and hot beverages, a DIY annex "curated" by Gavin of Stickfigure Distro, and the adjacent two-room "Stables," the programming offered copious facets and fragments.

Those in the cross-generational mix who made their way between rooms certainly got an earful, eyeful and perhaps even a face full. At least that's what the always-polarizing Airoes may have received. After his set of spastic digital hardcore, he was seen bloodied across the bridge of the nose.

In the Stickfigure room, walking in on local quintet eNTERTAINME.nt was like resurrecting a scene from The Lost Boys. A platinum-blond, Kiefer Sutherland-esque frontman was matched in intensity by the wail of keyboards, U2-ish atmospherics, baritone moan and a martial insistence. Gyrating women in leather and leopard print did a "light bulb dance," reaching upward and twisting, twitching wrists in ecstasy to the melodic goth-glossed howl.

Next was Fire in the Organism, a duo whose violently regurgitating sound formed an impenetrable cacophony of nigh-nauseating, concussive force.

Though it seemed hard to corral people there, some of the most compelling performances were held in the Stables. In the entrance hall, Ansurbana generated a massive minimalism shrouded within a cylindrical scrim. From underneath the convex flickers of film projections emerged a Glenn Branca-ish drone that remained clustered but defied chaos — though it couldn't defy the sound bleeding in from the neighboring room.

Among those seen or heard above the growl of portable heaters in the Stables' more resonant room were several members of recording cadres Eastern Developments and lifeform.project. Creating textural ticks with decks, EFX and guitar, In.cept.date wove click cascades and stuttered showers into a woolen gauze of replicant rhythm. With a standup bass, backing tracks and live percussion, Kopernik made like Peter Gabriel scoring a dust storm, its swaying drifts of spacious near-Eastern structure bowing and flowing.

The evening reinforced the wealth variety Eyedrum manages to galvanize. For more information, visit www.eyedrum.org.

Thanks to Chad Radford for additional reporting. Until next week, keep one RedEye open, and send all comments, questions, observations and invitations to redeye@creativeloafing.com.