Redeye February 05 2004

dancing around the issue?!?: In local nightlife, the word "progressive" can be applied to current musical genres, but not current city policies. So Friday-Sunday, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, more than 60 progressive trance, house, breaks and otherwise DJs cycled at The Riviera to encourage positive peer pressure on City Council.

"The new laws affecting bar operational hours changed the city and its nightlife community forever," says Rally For Life organizer and long-running Atlanta resident DJ "Lil' Steven" Incrocci. "Then the Atlanta City Council announced Underground Atlanta as the city's newly designated 'entertainment district.' They have alienated and infuriated the Atlanta nightclub and bar industry."

Opening the Riviera's two rooms for a $5 donation, Lil' Steven presented a high-energy arena complete with clothing booth and PlayStation2 tournaments. More than 1,000 people attended the 44-hour rally, with an estimated 500 attendees registering to vote.

"This was only our first step in getting people actively involved in changing the new laws," says Lil' Steven. More information is offered at www.rallyforlife.com.

Slice of life: The Castleberry Hills loft/art district may not be ready for a bar crawl, but that doesn't mean the area's development is at a crawl. Newly opened Slice restaurant/lounge joins the Peters Street Market and Cafe in offering urban(e) renewal dining. A slender "slice" of space, it features a long bar along one side. Opposite that, a couch, long blond wood banquette and contemporarily curvaceous table/chair settings welcome diners. The decor complements an "art district" crowd, a match for minimalist retromodern furnishings fans. As for the food, it matches the aesthetic. Pizzas are thin chewy crusts, but without exotic toppings. The overall effect is a solid, unostentatious establishment, though a little time is necessary to work out the usual initial kinks and institute some DJ/drink promotions.

Dirty South derby: The phrase, "What you rollin' on," may be rather common on hip-hop albums and MTV's "Cribs." The answer "roller skates," though, surely ranks as the least common answer. However, Sat., Jan. 31, the Roswell Roller Rink opened up for its third special engagement of indie rawk(ers) 'n' roller skating. This night's theme was "Roller Ballin'," and as the DJs were hitting their groove so were the shorties in short shorts.

Happy birthday to both the Crescent Room's Byron Burroughs and The Mark's Pablo Henderson, as they have both helped birth much of what makes Atlanta nightlife vibrant and vivid over the past five-odd years.

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