Redeye March 04 2004

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE: Drum 'n' bass — the hyperkinetic British-born hybrid of polyrhythmic 'ardkore breakbeat, dub/ragga, jazz and techno — has always had a place amid local nightlife. Now that place appears to be the Crescent Room. With Bristol producer Roni Size's Feb. 26 appearance, the Crescent Room and 404Audio.com enthusiastically launched Pressure Thursdays.

Living up to its name, there was room for little besides seismic drums and bass as a capacity crowd made the ceiling sweat. Size filled every available cranny with a decade-spanning selection of elastic bass, metallic careening, time-stretched atmospherics, jump-up jungle bebop and enthusiastic toasting. In the future, guests will be Bad Company (U.K.) (March 11) and Dieselboy (March 26) alongside residents Mayhem, Hazeus, Bombazi and MC Race One.

FROM TOAST TO JAM: On Feb. 27, again at the Crescent Room, Beneath the Noise held a jam session that included members of Aerial, TrancesArc and Society of the Spectacle__.

Aerial continues showcasing its submerged breakbeats and soaring melodies at its CD release party at 2High Studios Sat., March 6. Sadly for the city, Aerial will follow the CD release with a more literal release, relocating to L.A. to pursue a career in the soundtrack industry. Here's to the quintet furthering its futuristic funk.

Speaking of dub fans, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani (in town recording with Dallas Austin) peered down from the glass-enclosed VIP room across the street at Eleven50. The chic chica looked as flawless, casually confident and street-wise fashion forward as in her videos as she shimmied to a rock 'n' rollers mix of Southern boogie meets Dirty South.

RETRO-ACTIVE: Opening in the Shadowlawn Avenue space once occupied by Moroccan den-like martini lounge Goldfinger, Electra has completely hollowed out and redefined the '50s bungalow as a Miami lobby-inspired loft of libations. A multi-hued hodgepodge of rounded retromodern.com furnishings is arranged throughout sparkling mirror-laden nouveau nooks. Besides the eclecticism, a menu of specialty champagne and fresh fruit cocktails is an instituted draw. House music of all permutations will be the ambience of choice raining down from the DJ crow's nest lounge.

In warmer seasons, windows are flung open to the Philippe Starck-designed patio. Additionally, Electra will maintain a smoke-free environment — a trait to be shared with Jungle, the Red Chair-associated gay dance club set to assume the space vacated by The Chamber.

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