Redeye July 08 2004

I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Beer. Was there anything more important on everyone's mind this past Fourth of July week(end)? And not just can-by-the-case barbecue beer, but Belgian beer, British beer — high alcohol-content brews were the moment's novelty. I swear I had other concerns, but I can't remember them after all the beer.

Celebrating started Wed., June 30. You know the beginning of the saying, "Out with the old ... " well, it couldn't be more appropriate than at the Clermont Lounge. For CL, it was also out with the young, as we bid adieu to a two-year CL veteran, assistant music editor Nikhil Swaminathan, in the best way we know how: drunk and reeling from a beating by calloused titties. Nikhil had never been to the Clermont, which won him a well deserved "What the fuck?" and a shower of PBR before we headed to Five Seasons Brewery at midnight to sample the toasty, floral finery now allowed to be consumed in this state, followed by some McDonalds fries. Drinking from a chalice cain't make ya classy in one night. Now Nikhil's off to grad school — we wish him well, feeling better that we saw him graduate from the school of hard knocks first.

As for the beer? By Saturday, the new beer cellar at Green's was nearly bare. By Monday, the Brick Store Pub had sold out of several new offerings. Be quick if the six-pack you care most about has nothing to do with abs.

...In with the knew On Sat., July 3, I saw Britain's the Streets at EarthLink Live and randomly ended up standing next to Pablo, owner of the Mark. We chatted about the Soul II Soul dynamic of the show, retiring in Savannah, and a new drink concept Pablo is engineering called FIX, a "hydration restoration system" to ward off hangovers and retain alertness. It's available at the Mark and Sidebar for the time being, but he's planning to shop it about. I probably could have used some, as the week's most badass rockin' bartender (make friends with yours!), Deborah, taught me a little service industry lingo and tradition as we did "shorties" of Grand Marnier and Red Snappers together. For a little while, I watched some girls reek of desperation to cross the velvet rope next door at Vinyl, where the Streets were having an after party. Then I headed to MJQ for a capacity crowd and capacity consumption, catching Karl Injex, Kai Alce and Jurgen of Berlin-based DJ/producers Jazzanova spin, while one of CL's Vibes writers was having a bachelorette party.

It was truly a weekend of celebrating independence — or a little voluntary relinquishment of it, whether to booze or beaus. Wink, wink. Next week we'll look at two recently opened restaurant/lounges and another nail in the nightlife coffin: the Crescent Room closing.

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